El Alavés will sell solidarity t-shirts to help the General Nursing Council

first_imgThose of soccer with sleeves and those of basketball without them to be able to be used in the parties. They are game. In fact, in the first two commitments of both teams in the Santander League, in ACB or Euroleague, the two entities will wear these kits to pay tribute to the health workers of a city especially plagued by the coronavirus. In addition to Vitoria, towns such as Labastida have had very serious outbreaks of infection. The hotel that usually plays host to most of Baskonia’s European rivals, the Gran Hotel Lakua, is now medicalized to cater for the less severe pandemic patients. A doctor on duty and 15 physios are responsible for assisting those affected. It is in this hospitality center that Alavés’ signings are also usually housed when they arrive in the city and have not yet found a fixed address for their family. That and the Jardines de Uleta, which is very close to the Mendizorroza stadium. Pitu Abelardo and basketball coach Velimir Perasovic, without going any further, preferred to settle there instead of looking for a house since their families resided in Gijón and Split respectively.In addition to this solidarity initiative, several players have contributed their bit by donating money to projects of doctors in the province, playing FIFA or Fortnine to raise funds or making an ongoing appeal through social networks to help the toilets and remembering that you do not have to leave your house in full confinement. In both cases, the two staffs have undergone an ERTE since last Friday (with retroactive effect to the date of the declaration of the state of alarm) and suffer a 70% reduction in their salary due to competitive inactivity and the lack of training. Josean Querejeta is the maximum shareholder of Alavés and the president of the basketball Baskonia. Although they are two independent joint stock companies, the synergy between them is unquestionable (they share a store, employees, a sports city and managers or managers). Therefore, the latest initiative presented involves both the soccer and basketball clubs. T-shirts from both clubs will be sold to raise funds for the General Council of Nursing, regulatory body of the 307,762 male and female nurses in Spain that watches over the safety of patients from its 52 provincial schools. The online purchase can be done from today. These are three different models in both the soccer and basketball elastic bands: children’s (35 euros), junior (35 euros) and senior (39 euros). In both cases, the shield, the mark (Kelme) and the legend OSI Araba, an entity that groups the hospitals and outpatients of the province, are screen-printed. They will be blue and white in both cases.last_img