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‘Sunny Leone’ tops merit list for Bihar junior engineer post !

first_imgBollywood actor Sunny Leone could be working as a junior engineer for the Bihar government.If the list of candidates who had applied for about 200 posts, uploaded on the website of the Public Health Engineering Departments website, is to be believed the name of the Canadian-born film actor figures as the top ranker with 98.50 points.Bollywood actor Sunny Leone has topped the merit list released by the Bihar Public Health Engineering Department (PHED) for the post of junior engineers with 98.50 points. The actress said in her tweet that she was glad that the “other” her has scored so well.Earlier between January 15-31’ 2019 the Bihar PHED had invited online application for the post of 214 junior engineers (civil) based on marks of their diploma in engineering. As many as 17, 911 candidates applied for exam and out of them 642 were short listed for the next round of scrutiny. Sunny Leone with 98.50 points — 73.50 points on her academic record and 25 points on her experience — topped the list released on Tuesday at phed.bih.nic.in, official website of the PHED. Her father’s name is registered as Leona Leona. The other candidate named, “bvcxzbnnb” with his father’s name as “mggvghhnnnn” with 92.89 points have come on third rank in the list. He comes from the Extremely Backward Class (EBC) category while, Sunny Leone is registered in General category.The Bollywood actor, meanwhile, tweeted to say she was glad that the “Other” her has scored so well. “Hahaha, I’m so glad that the OTHER me has scored so well !!!!!lol…”, tweeted Sunny Leone.But, the PHED official Ashok Kumar told journalists that “someone must have done a mischief and we’ll find it out in scrutiny of the list”. “It’s a provisional list based on the online data received by the candidates…no data has been entered by the department…we’ll scrutiny the list and find out the mischief”, he said. The PHED minister Vinod Narayan Jha too said that it was not the result but a provisional list. “When we’ll ask the candidate to come with their documents to prove their authenticity such mischief will be rectified”, he said. Meanwhile, the department has given a window to candidates to correct the information given in their application till February 24, 2019.last_img read more

Rep Allor to DOD Clean up your mess

first_img20Mar Rep. Allor to DOD: Clean up your mess Categories: Allor News State Rep. Sue Allor today sharply criticized the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) after recent reports that the DOD has been lobbying the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to adopt a more lenient standard for cleaning up PFAS in groundwater. For decades, the DOD used fire-fighting foam laden with PFAS for training exercises on Air Force bases, including the former Wurtsmith base.“We all have to take responsibility for our actions, whether we like it or not. It is underhanded and unfair to the citizens of this state for federal bureaucrats to try and dodge responsibility at the eleventh hour, and leave Michigan taxpayers with the bill,” Allor, of Wolverine, said. “This mess will take a long time to clean up, and the federal government must step up and do its part, not play political games with the health and safety of Michigan families.”The DOD’s push to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for a lower groundwater clean-up standard comes as the Department of Defense faces billions of dollars in cleanup costs tied to its use of PFAS-laden AFFF firefighting foam. If successful, media reports stated, the Pentagon’s move could get the Air Force off the hook for cleaning up sites.“The science around PFAS cleanup is rapidly advancing, but one thing remains the same—our standards are getting stronger, not weaker,” Allor said. “The Pentagon’s suggestion that the EPA adopt a cleanup standard of 380 parts per trillion— more than five times weaker than Michigan’s current standard – is ludicrous. We need to make sure we are pursuing science-backed standards that best protect Michigan families.”last_img read more

Shane ONeill one of the bestknown executives in

first_imgShane O’Neill, one of the best-known executives in the pay TV industry, has passed away.O’Neill had been suffering from a form of Creutzfeld-Jakob brain disease since its diagnosis just over a year ago. He retired as chief strategy officer, Liberty Global, and president, Chellomedia late last year at an event attended by Liberty chairman John Malone and president and CEO Mike Fries among others.Prior to building the Chellomedia business, O’Neill worked at companies including KPMG and Goldman Sachs. More recently he also created the Chello Foundation, a charity dedicated to putting children orphaned by HIV in sub-Saharan Africa into education.He is survived by his wife, Sheelagh and three children.last_img

Kent State professor receives grant to study role of oxytocin in the

first_imgReviewed by James Ives, M.Psych. (Editor)Oct 12 2018Heather Caldwell, Ph.D., a professor in Kent State University’s Department of Biological Sciences, recently received a $450,000 grant to study the role that oxytocin plays in the developing brain.Labeled by some as “the bonding hormone,” oxytocin is well known for helping pregnant mothers with uterine contraction while in labor, milk letdown while breastfeeding and a feeling of euphoria when cuddling with their infants. But, there is still much that researchers do not know about how this hormone works in the brains of children.The grant, which came from the National Institutes of Health’s Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, will enable a study on the three-year project titled “Sex differences in the developing oxytocin system.” The study will provide insight into how oxytocin affects the development of the female and male brain and contributes to the neural regulation of social behavior. Dr. Caldwell’s lab group will be the first to examine the function of oxytocin signaling during early development. Liz Aulino, a Kent State Ph.D. student in Dr. Caldwell’s lab, will focus on this topic for her dissertation.”This research has relevance to public health because many of the neural chemicals, neural substrates and circuits that underlie social behaviors are evolutionarily conserved,” Dr. Caldwell said. “Using an animal model, we hope to improve our understanding of the contributions of oxytocin to the development of social behaviors in humans.”The researchers aim to determine how the developing oxytocin system differs between female and males and also to identify how it differentially impacts their neurochemistry.The brain hormones do not themselves cause behavior, but they modulate it. The key is how they interact with a receptor, in this case, a protein in the cell’s membrane. The developing mouse brain does not make oxytocin early in development, but it has oxytocin receptors ready to signal.Related StoriesRush University Medical Center offers new FDA-approved treatment for brain aneurysmsMercy Medical Center adds O-arm imaging system to improve spinal surgery resultsWearing a hearing aid may mitigate dementia riskEmerging evidence shows that, during early brain development, oxytocin helps to organize neural circuits in the brain and that these organizational effects may help the brain develop the capacity to execute sex-specific and context-appropriate social behaviors later in life.”We think these experiments will reveal a novel role for oxytocin in organizing sex-specific brain circuits that are critical for typical displays of social behaviors,” Dr. Caldwell said. “Across mammalian species, oxytocin is important for social cognition and social functioning, and deficits in social behaviors are characteristic of several neurodevelopmental neuropsychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia.”This type of National Institutes of Health grant, an R15, is an Academic Research Enhancement Award (AREA) and specifically supports the research, education and training of future scientists through undergraduate research support for students interested in a career in biomedical/behavioral science. Dr. Caldwell will recruit students to collaborate with her and Ms. Aulino, as well as a technician who she plans to hire for the three-year term.Dr. Caldwell developed an interest in the effect of hormones on behavior after doing fieldwork with sea turtles and working on mouse chemical signals as a student at the University of North Carolina Greensboro, where she earned her undergraduate and master’s degrees in biology. Her interest in how hormones affect behavior led her to pursue a doctorate at Georgia State University, which has a large National Science Foundation-supported Center for Behavioral Neuroscience. She spent four years as a postdoctoral fellow at the National Institutes of Health and joined the Kent State faculty in 2007. Dr. Caldwell has been studying how neurochemistry regulates behavior such as aggression, and her primary research focus has been on the closely linked hormones oxytocin and vasopressin.​​Source: https://www.kent.edu/kent/news/new-study-kent-state-researcher-examine-role-oxytocin-developing-brainlast_img read more

Data war between TDP YSR Congress heats upData war between TDP YSR

first_imgTelangana Published on The ongoing ‘data war’ between the ruling Telugu Desam Party (TDP) and the main opposition party YSR Congress in Andhra Pradesh has touched the peak with raid on IT Grids, an IT company in Hyderabad, which provides services to the ruling TDP as well as the AP government. The Telangana police raided the company and seized floppies and other material last weekend on the basis of a complaint lodged by an apparent whistle-blower having close connections with YSR Congress leaders. The charge was that private data belonging to the citizens of AP (Aadhar data, bank account details among others) was being misused by the company to serve the needs of the ruling TDP through the ‘Seva Mitra’ app launched by the party.Denying the allegations, TDP leaders said the YSR Congress and the Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS), supported by the BJP, have hatched a conspiracy to obtain data relating to the cadre and leaders of the TDP and leverage it for the upcoming Lok Sabha polls by staging a raid.. The drama has unfolded in Hyderabad, technically still the common capital of both the Telugu States, according to the AP Re-organisation Act, 2014, and what makes it interesting is the role being played by the ruling TRS. The TRS is an open friend of the YSR Congress and an avowed foe of the TDP, going by the recent statements of its leaders and political developments.KCR’s return giftThe raid on the IT firm in Hyderabad, alleges the TDP, is the promised “return gift” of KCR [to the YSR Congress]. But “it will only boomerang on the YSR Congress and TRS, if they adopt such vindictive tactics,” it adds. KCR had promised a return gift to the Andhra CM for campaigning against the TRS in Telangana during the Assembly polls last year. YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, the leader of the YSR Congress, met the common Governor of both the States in Hyderabad, ESL Narasimhan, and submitted a complaint against the ruling TDP over how “it had compromised the private data of citizens to achieve its political ends”. The votes of the YSR Congress cadre and sympathisers are being deleted from the voters’ lists on a large-scale and bogus voters are being included in the lists to suit the TDP, he alleged. The Telangana police issued a look-out notice against the CEO of the IT firm, and are going ahead with the investigation. The TDP on Wednesday night lodged a complaint with the Guntur rural police against the Telangana police”. COMMENTS YS Jagan Mohan Reddy The Telangana police issued a look-out notice against the CEO of the IT firm, and are going ahead with the investigationcenter_img COMMENT SHARE SHARE EMAIL March 07, 2019 SHARElast_img read more

Crowdsourcing Immigrants make a killing at AP election rallies

first_imgWith the locals no longer keen on attending mega poll rallies, immigrant workers find a new revenue source. This photo, shot last week, shows a crowd at a party’s rally in Allagadda   –  THE HINDU COMMENTS SHARE national elections Published on SHARE SHARE EMAIL Contractors populate top leaders’ meetings with flag-waving supporters who each cost up to ₹1,500 a day Andhra Pradesh Sanatan Nayak, a construction worker from Ganjam in Odisha, understands nothing about Andhra Pradesh politics. But he is a regular participant at poll rallies of almost all parties.There are many like him — regulars at political rallies in Andhra Pradesh, which is witnessing a shrill battle in campaigning for the State Assembly as well as Lok Sabha elections, with polling slated for April 11. The reason is interesting: locals are no longer attending the mega rallies of top leaders in big numbers. “This has created a new earning opportunity for immigrants from the neighbouring States of Odisha and Telangana who do not have regular incomes,” M Sattanna, a labour contractor-turned ‘crowd supplier’, told BusinessLine at Ibrahimpatnam, in Krishna district. He is among over a dozen contractors who are now helping local politicians mobilise crowds for public meetings, mainly in and around Amaravati, the State capital region. Language is no barrier. “We have been asked to clap and wave the flags of the party that hires us,” he said in Hindi.The crowd contractors operate in close association with local political leaders — cutting across parties — and schedule the attendance of people at meetings. In the Mangalagiri-Guntur region, at least 300 to 500 ‘participants’ are available within a notice period of 10 hours. Gainful employment“What is wrong in this? Paying for people in election rallies is an open secret. The only difference now is we are arranging people from different regions,” said M Koteshwara Rao, a ‘team-lead’ for a group that has arrived from Telangana’s Khammam district, now camping for gainful employment in the Andhra Pradesh polls. The crowd, of course, comes at a price. If top leaders of major parties happen to campaign at a location on the same day, the cost per person goes up to as much as ₹1,500, inclusive of travel, water and food. “We are farm labourers from Suryapet (Telangana) and are looking for work. A person we know from Nandigama informed us of the earning opportunity and we are here,” G Devender, who has landed here along with four family members, told BusinessLine. The “hired supporters” are housed either at rented halls, or in tents pitched in open fields close to Amaravati. An attempt by this writer to photograph a ‘camp’ was not allowed by the security personnel.Moonlighting workersImmigrant workers from Bihar, employed in the construction projects of Amaravati, are also chipping in, moonlighting in their free time at poll rallies.Two major regional parties and two national parties are frequently ‘sourcing’ supporters, while one new party depends solely on willing participants, according to locals. It remains to be seen if all these tactics will sway Andhra Pradesh’s voters on polling day. April 03, 2019 COMMENTlast_img read more