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Five A’s who must perform well to defeat Yankees in AL Wild Card Game

first_imgNEW YORK — In a situation as crucial as a one-game playoff like the upcoming AL wild-card game at Yankee Stadium, there are certain players the A’s just have to expect to be able to count on.You count on guys such as Matt Chapman, one of six players in the majors to score 100-plus runs while hitting 40-plus doubles and 20-plus home runs this season.You count on Khris Davis, who finished the season as MLB Home Run King with 48 bombs, hitting 28 of those when the team is trailing by one run.You …last_img

Shifting the Stigma: Mental Health & the Military

first_img“Take a stand, stand by them…Emotional strength can be the most formidable opponent service members face in their efforts to keep America safe…” These are the words of encouragement decorating a Department of Defense (DoD) website. It is no surprise that focused attention is being placed on suicide prevention and awareness given the arrival of National Suicide Prevention week. Related articles housed on this site provide glimpses of Service members who have bravely shared their struggles with mental illness, including barriers in their journey towards getting help. Despite an increase in initiatives promoting military mental health, many Service members fear that getting treated for mental health issues will have adverse effects on their career.What Does the DoD say about Service members getting mental health treatment?In a statement surrounding military service members getting mental health treatment, current Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel relayed it’s a… “choice that embodies moral courage, honor and integrity.” (September 3, 2013)The Department of Defense clearly advocates for military personnel to engage in help-seeking behavior and sees this as a sign of strength. The DoD’s attempt to dispel stigmas attached to getting mental health services while in the military has been reflected in previous statements as well…“Seeking help is a sign of strength, not a sign of weakness, it is a sign of strength and courage. We’ve got to do all we can to remove the stigma that still too often surrounds mental health care issues.” (Former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, June 22, 2012)How has the DoD Supported Mental Health Treatment?The DoD has invested over $100 million in research on mental health and substance abuse which often co-occur with suicide. In November 2011, the DoD’s Office established the Defense Suicide Prevention Office (DSPO) which aims to prevent and reduce the impact of suicide on military personnel and their families.“DSPO strives to help foster a climate that encourages Service members to seek help for their behavioral health issues.”DSPO promotes utilization of a community-based approach in preventing suicide which is highlighted in their September 2013 summit. Information related to suicide, resources, policies and prevention links tailored to each branch of the military can be found on the DSPO website.Another organization connected to the DoD is the DHA Connected Health (formerly the National Center for Telehealth & Technology). Recently, T2 has provides mobile phone applications (apps) that promote psychological health and support traumatic brain injury recovery of service members.Stay tuned for this week’s Resource Discovery blog which explores a guide to help military family members understand and assist their loved ones struggling with mental health disorders. ReferencesCenters for Disease Control and Prevention (2012). 10 Leading Causes of Death by Age Group, United States—2010. http://www.cdc.gov/injury/wisqars/LeadingCauses.htmlWorld Health Organization. Suicide Prevention and Special Programs.Defense Suicide Prevention Office (DSPO). (2013). Crisis Support Guide for Military Families: A Guide to Help You Prevent Suicide.Kime, P. (Sept. 3, 2013). Hagel: Getting mental health help shows ‘courage, honor and integrity.’ Military Times. This post was written by Kacy Mixon, M.S., LMFT, Social Media Specialist.  She is a member of the MFLN Family Development (FD) team which aims to support the development of professionals working with military families. Find out more about the Military Families Learning Network FD concentration on our website, on Facebook, on Twitter, YouTube, and on LinkedIn. By Kacy Mixon, M.S., LMFTMixon, K. (2013). Kacy Mixon permits eXtension.org to use her personal photo. Suicide accounts for more deaths than wars and murders combined with more than 1 million deaths each yearcenter_img Men are 4 times more likely to die by suicide Attempted suicide rates are 20 times higher than completed suicides Military suicide rates have increased over the past decade last_img read more

Mailbag: Closing the Sale

first_imgThis note comes in today’s mailbag:James writes, “I have a hard time closing the sale. I struggle between wanting to be passive and carefree about the deal, and being too aggressive, and then worrying about losing the sale. I have the skills and competency and experience to do the job, but it is hard for me to close the sale. Does this mean I am just a bad salesperson? What do I do to get better at this and find a balance when I feel like I’m trying to grasp the greased watermelon?”Being passive isn’t the answer. You can’t sit around and wait for your dream client to ask you if they can finally buy from you. Being aggressive isn’t the answer either. It smacks of being self-oriented or desperation. You aren’t a bad salesperson for not knowing how to do some necessary part of the job. Knowing that you don’t know how to do something and not doing anything about it would make you a bad salesperson.If you struggle to close it likely means that you are afraid to ask for commitments. If you are going to succeed in sales (and life), you are going to have to ask people for commitments. The root of your fear of asking for commitments might be your fear of not knowing what to say if your dream client says no. Or it might be that you don’t feel that you’ve earned it. But my guess is that you just don’t have words that your comfortable using. I just wrote an article for Success Magazine covering this very topic.You don’t need books of different closes. You don’t need special closing techniques. You just need to ask directly. Try something like, “I feel like we know enough to move forward on this idea. Can we start work on this now, or is some other step you think we need to take first?” Or try this, “Can we get started in this project for you?”If you’ve earned the commitment you are asking for, you shouldn’t have any reluctance or fear of asking. Just ask directly and naturally.QuestionsHow do you ask for the business?When do you ask?What are the root causes of the fear of asking for commitments, especially the commitment to buy? Get the Free eBook! Learn how to sell without a sales manager. Download my free eBook! You need to make sales. You need help now. We’ve got you covered. This eBook will help you Seize Your Sales Destiny, with or without a manager. Download Nowlast_img read more

TMC, BJP leave Left, Cong. behind

first_imgThe growth of the Trinamool Congress (TMC) and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) at the cost of the Left Front and the Congress continues unabated in West Bengal. While TMC’s seat share went up to 66% in the 2018 Bengal panchayat elections from 52% in 2013, the BJP’s share grew by 17% at the Gram Panchayat (GP) level in the three-tier rural polls. The seat share at the GP level provides a very clear picture of the political scene in rural Bengal where 74% of the State’s electorate reside. A similar trend was noticed in nearly all the recent elections and by-polls.The saffron party got a little over 1% seats in 2013 at the GP level. In this week’s panchayat elections, the BJP bagged more than 18% seats in an election process marred by violence. Even after the Opposition could not field a candidate in about one-third of the seats, the BJP’s vote share increased significantly. On the other hand, the Left Front’s seat share dropped noticeably.The Left Front got marginally over 32% seats in the panchayat polls of 2013 at the GP level, which was nearly a 20% drop from that in 2008. In 2018, the seat share has reached its nadir. The Left Front got 5% seats, according to the data released by the State Election Commission [SEC] on Friday night. The Congress’s seat share has come down to 3% from 11%.Infact, the seat share of the Independent candidates was more than the Left Front or the Congress at the GP level. The reason, as it appeared on Friday, is that the Independent candidates, who belong to the one or the other factions of the ruling party in most of the cases, have won in many seats defeating the “official” TMC candidate. Realising that many of the Independent candidates are affiliated to the TMC, party chief Mamata Banerjee indicated on Thursday that they will eventually be brought back to the party fold. However, Independent candidates defeating the Left and the Congress has been described as “a unique development” in Bengal politics.While BJP got 12% and 3.5% seats at the Panchayat Samity (PS) and Zilla Parishad (ZP) level respectively, the Left Front got 2% and less than 1% at the PS and ZP levels. The Congress, too, has nearly been decimated at PS and ZP level.last_img read more