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Watch STS9’s Jeffree Lerner’s Live Collaboration With Modern Measure For The Song “Daze”

first_imgOn April 28th, STS9 was continuing their Southern tour supported by hybrid-electronica duo Modern Measure. Both bands were stationed in Houston, Texas for the night, putting on a raucous show at the House of Blues for the crowd eager to see Sound Tribe’s return to Magnolia City. For Friday’s performance, Modern Measure, composed of Kyle Holly and Charlie Thornton, had a special surprise in store for folks who made it out to the show—a special sit-in by Tribe’s percussionist Jeffree Lerner. Lerner and the duo teamed up for the song, “Daze,” an original featuring Lerner off the pair’s latest album For The Moment, which Live For Live Music premiered in February.Modern Measure has just officially released footage of the collaboration that went down in Houston, giving those of us who missed out a chance to catch up on the action. You can check out the video below, courtesy of the band, and head over to Modern Measure’s website for more information, tour dates, and a full-stream of For The Moment.last_img read more

The Rockettes High-Kick in a Winter Wonderland in the Christmas Spectacular

first_img Related Shows The Rockettes are back at Radio City, tap shoes, antlers, sparkles and all! Whether audiences eagerly return to see the beloved Christmas Spectacular or experience the magic for the first time, they are sure to leave the theater starry-eyed. The iconic production officially opened on November 15. Dancing bears, toy soldiers, camels and Santa Claus himself are all taking the stage, and we couldn’t be happier that it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas—at least at Radio City.To honor the holiday classic, Resident Artist Justin “Squigs” Robertson gave the Rockettes, Santa and Mrs. Claus the ink treatment. Enjoy his swirling winter wonderland, chock-full of kaleidoscopic wishes the entire company of the Christmas Spectacular Starring The Radio City Rockettes a magical holiday season filled with everything they wished for! Experience the always-enchanting production through January 2, 2017. About the Artist: With a desire to celebrate the magic of live theater and those who create it, and with a deep reverence for such touchstones as the work of Al Hirschfeld and the wall at Sardi’s, Squigs is happy and grateful to be among those carrying on the traditions where theater and caricature meet. He was born and raised in Oregon, lived in Los Angeles for quite a long time and now calls New York City his home. View Comments © Justin “Squigs” Robertson Christmas Spectacular Starring The Radio City Rockettes Show Closed This production ended its run on Jan. 5, 2020last_img read more

Soil Test Now

first_img“It’s important for society to know the impacts (of correct application),” said C. WayneJordan, head of the Agricultural Services Labs with the University of Georgia College ofAgricultural and Environmental Sciences. The test, Jordan said, helps everyone. It’s inexpensive, user-friendly and readily availablethrough your countyextension office. If you’re a homeowner or farmer, you may be wasting your money. You may be amongthe many Georgians who squander thousands of dollars annually by using fertilizersimproperly. Money isn’t the only issue. Using fertilizers wrong hurts the environment, too. “At the same time,” he said, “many Georgia soils need lime. You need to make sure you’reputting on the right amount of the right material.” “The more you apply, the more potential you have for runoff into streams and lakes,”Jordan said. “Landowners and farmers should determine the soil’s fertility levels anddecide what its needs are in terms of fertilizer or lime. We need to limit the likelihood ofgroundwater and stream contamination.” Private labs are also available in some areas. Certain elements consistently show up in levels that are either too high or too low forcertain crops. Jordan said you should know how much to add for each situation. “The soil is drier and fields are cleaner in fall,” he said. “And because such materials suchas lime take time to react in the soil, it’s best to test early in the fall rather than waitinguntil winter or spring.” Not having a soil test means not knowing what to do for your plants, said Henry Hibbs,Extension Service coordinator in Oconee County. “So many people treat their plants’ poor growth symptoms when all they need is a goodfertilizer program,” Hibbs said. “They miss the core problem — an unbalanced soilnutrition program.”center_img The best time to test is now, Jordan said. “People think only farmers need to know this,” Jordan said. “But people with gardens,lawns and ornamental plants need to know this just as much.” The results are easy to read, understand and apply to your soil. “After the test you can goto your fertilizer or garden supplier and know exactly what to buy and how to apply it,”Jordan said. “Your test is only as good as your sample,” Hibbs said. “The more specific you are withyour sample information, the better the results and recommendations.” “We’re concerned with the amount of phosphorous that goes on the soil over the longterm,” he said. “Many of our soil samples from homeowners and some field crops areshowing high phosphorous levels. “Testing your soil can help you accurately match the requirements of the soil and plantsand limit excess runoff,” he said. “Farmers can also maximize their profits and keep costsdown for themselves and consumers if they know how much (fertilizer or lime) to add tothe soil.” Hibbs said the UGA test is free for farmers and commercial horticulture growers. There isa small charge for others. “It costs $4 per sample,” he said. “But you can save money byconsolidating your samples and not overfertilizing by guessing.” Avoiding costly mistakes is easy with a soil test, Jordan said. “You will receive instructions, the proper paperwork and sample bags,” he said. “Theextension agents will mail the samples, provide the results and answer questions.”last_img read more

Resolution Guide

first_imgHealth Hacks and Fitness Secrets from Top Coaches, Athletes, and Experts to make your New Year’s Resolutions Stick.A new year is here and everyone is busy making plans to make 2019 better than ever. Whether you want to spend more time outdoors, focus on your mental health, or hike the entire A.T., these athletes, coaches, and instructors have tips for keeping the momentum going throughout the year.Figure out your motivation“What are your goals?” Aaron T. Ostwald said. “Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to get stronger? Do you want to get faster? Know that going into it, let’s focus on that.”Since 2011, Ostwald has taught thousands of exercise classes at the YMCA and OrangeTheory in Asheville, N.C. Whether it’s cycling, TRX, or high intensity interval training, he focuses on keeping people engaged with the activity at hand.Once you figure out the why behind your resolution, the next step is to figure out how you are going to accomplish those goals.“How do you find motivation at home if you’re surrounded by your television, your cell phone?” Ostwald said. “We’ve got to remove all those external factors that are going to pull our attention away. How self-motivated are you to dedicate 20 to 30 minutes of your time every day to working on something?”That starts with recognizing your own strengths and weaknesses. “Knowing, hey I’m a morning person, let’s keep this motivation going. Get me in there, get my workout in, and I don’t have to worry about it for the rest of the day,” Ostwald said. “Whereas maybe you’re a night person. With your work schedule, how does that come into play?”If you’re someone who struggles with self-motivation and finding time in a busy day, look for “somebody to help you along and hold you accountable.” It might be a friend, a loved one, or an instructor that challenges you to make the time.“It’s not about speed, it’s not about how many reps you can bang out here in the fastest amount of time,” Ostwald said.Instead, focus on good form and technique, practicing safely and having fun. Ostwald also suggested mixing things up, trying new ways of exercising and being active.“Don’t get hung up on one specific thing because that’s how we get in a rut and we get bored and then we just quit altogether,” he said.Start slowlyIn completing the A.T. three times, hiking on six continents, and setting a number of fastest known times while on the trails, Jennifer Pharr Davis has learned a lot about preparation through her own success and missteps. She is also the author of The Pursuit of Endurance, a book about incredible human feats of physical and mental strength, and founder of Blue Ridge Hiking Company.“A big mistake is biting off something that is too big around the start of the year,” she said. “It’s a lot more important to create an exercise routine that’s going to be sustainable and meet you where you’re at in your life as opposed to signing up for this really big challenge and getting hurt or burnt out within the first two months of the year. Being realistic, sustainable, starting small, and building your way up is really important, even if you want to do something really long and extreme and intense.”Starting off slowly not only helps build a routine, it is also better for your body.“Injuries are more common when you start off trying to do too much too quickly and you don’t build up to it,” Pharr Davis said. “We encourage them to start with any kind of cardio, anything they can fit in their day. Going for walks, getting on a bike, running around their neighborhood, anything to get their heart rate up.”When preparing for longer hiking trips, she focuses on adding weight to her pack and elevation training to build up climbing muscles in the leg. Through it all, she said, listen to what your body is telling you.“Have a relationship with your body and try to give it what it needs,” Pharr Davis said. “Some days it’s going to need days off and rest. Then some days you’re going to be able to push it beyond where it wants to go. Be a willing participant in a relationship as opposed to always trying to force your will on your body.”The small things add up Anna Levesque, author of Yoga for Paddling, has more than 25 years of paddling and yoga experience. She also produced Girls at Play, the first whitewater kayak instructional DVD for women.In addition to teaching SUP yoga and whitewater kayaking, the woman behind Mind Body Paddle consults with individuals on their specific health concerns.“The small things we do every day, like drinking warm lemon water to help the detoxification process and help strengthen the kidneys, is going to contribute to your health more than doing an hour and a half of yoga class once a month or once every two weeks,” Levesque said. “Walking or running on a consistent basis, getting outside on a consistent basis, is going to do more for you than sitting at your desk all week and then spending all day outside on Saturday.”The “what” you do every day is not as important as making sure you do something every day.“The idea is to not give up,” Levesque said. “If you can only do 10 minutes, do the 10 minutes… There’s this myth that if I don’t do the whole workout, I shouldn’t do it at all.”Levesque follows the same routine every morning:1.“I get up and I scrape my tongue. It helps clear the bacteria that causes bad breath out of the mouth and it just feels good. The first time you do it, you’ll never go back to not doing it. You’ll see what comes off your tongue.”2.“Then I swish oil, sesame or coconut, in my mouth for ten minutes, brush my teeth, and then I drink warm lemon water.3.“I do a yoga practice every morning. Sometimes it’s 10 minutes; sometimes it’s an hour. I meditate every morning, 15 to 20 minutes. Then I start my day.A bedtime routine is just as important.“Turning off screens an hour before bed is a big one,” Levesque said. “Drink herbal teas, baths, take a gentle night walk, and make sure your room is really dark.”She recommends going to bed by 10 p.m. and sleeping eight hours every night to get all of the benefits from that restorative time.Practice mindful breathingBrandon Copeland’s personal yoga practice grew into Khepera Wellness when he started teaching his style of trap yoga around the D.C. area. This practice combines the traditional Ashtanga yoga poses with the intense beat of trap music.“Ultimately, the yoga practice is free,” Copeland said. “It serves as an opportunity for me to teach something to people that they can take with them and consistently better their lives.”Almost every day, through yoga and meditation, Copeland takes time to connect with his breath, controlling and valuing the in and out movement.“Your mind clears if you’re breathing correctly and then that gives you space to either delve into things that you feel emotionally and let them go or sit there and observe them and kind of be at peace with them,” he said.Mindfully breathing helps you connect further with the rest of your body.“You can feel all these things that you normally perceive through the body on purpose,” Copeland said. “That should physically take all of the stress out of you, mentally give you space to relax, and emotionally give you balance so that you aren’t necessarily feeling sadness or happiness or anything on a really high level. Once that is achieved, then you are able to just be still and observe the connection you have to this moment.”As with any kind of mental or physical exercise, the important thing is to figure out what your practice looks like.“I think it’s dangerous when people try to tell you how,” Copeland said. “Everybody is different. Go to a class and if it doesn’t feel right, now you know you don’t like going to classes. So do it at home. Maybe you try a private teacher or maybe you need to find another group… Some people will do that one arm handstand really well and they love that. Some people want to lie down for an hour and that’s just as valid.”photo by Emily VariscoEmbrace the fear“The lack of embracing the fear as it comes up first is the catalyst of what brings on the mistakes. We have to deal with self first before we can deal with equipment, before we can deal with the next move that’s way up there.” -Emily Taylor After more than 20 years of climbing and coaching climbers, Emily Taylor is now coaching the coaches to help gyms build up their youth programs. In addition to her own climbing accolades, the founder of Taylored Fit Solutions and Brown Girls Climbing has worked with climbers such as Kai Lightner to create individual training regimens.She works with clients, especially climbers of color, to address points of anxiety and panic instead of ignoring and pushing them to the side.“The lack of embracing the fear as it comes up first is the catalyst of what brings on the mistakes,” Taylor said. “We have to deal with self first before we can deal with equipment, before we can deal with the next move that’s way up there… My theory is we acknowledge it and we go oh, here it is again. Let’s embrace this as long as we need to embrace this, right here, right now. To do the other can become dangerous.”One way Taylor applies this in her own life is by keeping track of what she did and how she is feeling throughout the week.“Journaling is a huge part of practice,” she said. “Everybody has their own methodology. I enjoy actually physically writing with a pen or pencil in my hand… I have my very first tick list and climbing journal from 20 years ago, how and what I thought. I got started when I was 21. Some of it is still the same, some of it has changed.”Carrying them with her whenever she moves, Taylor still uses those journals in training other climbers. Reflecting back on them, she can see what worked and the progress she has made.Taylor said another important piece of working on her mental fitness is maintaining personal relationships offline.“The other part I find really important is disconnecting from media and connecting with social connections, things like making sure I check in with someone and making sure they’re okay at least once a day,” she said.Everyone’s process is different “It’s so individual,” Dr. Mark Cucuzzella said. “What are the drivers to someone becoming unhealthy? Is it stress, sleep deprivation, diet, all of the above? Each person has to identify the things in their life that is driving them to poor health. If you can get that stuff sorted out, then you can maintain your health.”     Cucuzzella, a professor at West Virginia University School of Medicine, helps adults work on their metabolic health, obesity, and diabetes reversal. He said each person should work with his or her personal physician to address specific health concerns.“Some things are out of your control, but most things are actually in your control,” he said. “You don’t just randomly get high blood pressure one day. It’s a process.”Although health is individualized, Cucuzzella said there are a few things that apply to everyone.“The three things that together, are a disaster, are added sugar, processed carbohydrates, and refined vegetable oils,” he said. “Those three things really drive metabolic diseases. Trying to avoid those foods will go a long way to making your body work better.”Cucuzzella is also the owner of Two Rivers Treads, the country’s first minimalist shoe store, and works with runners to correct their gait. He says walking and running are the best forms of exercise because you can step out your front door and be outside.   “If you don’t look forward to doing something, you’re not going to be able to keep doing it,” Cucuzzella said. “So whatever you decide to do, it needs to be fun, sustainable, and easily available to you. If it takes a half hour to drive somewhere and change, that’s probably not going to work. So it has to fit into your life.”last_img read more

Training Team Helps European Soldiers Counter IED’s

first_imgBy Dialogo March 16, 2011 Improvised explosive devices are the weapons of choice for insurgents, and representatives from Europe and the Middle East participated in the U.S. Army in Europe and the Joint Multinational Training Command’s Coalition Counter-IED Training Conference, at the Hohenfels Training Area in Hohenfels, Germany. The conference, sponsored by the Badger Team, a specialized training team that enhances the already realistic training environment at Hohenfels Training Area by injecting current, real-world experiences and lessons-learned into Mission Rehearsal Exercises and training events brought the coalition partners together to learn Counter-IED, or C-IED, techniques and procedures, enable cross-talk between nations, and promote an understanding of the current C-IED operating environment. “It was an opportunity for our partner nations to share tactics, techniques and procedures. Everybody has got a different perspective,” said Lt. Col. Michael D. Oliver, senior Counter-IED Trainer. “We’re going to work together. It directly affects Soldiers, and it’s about getting all our partners to move beyond the focus of limitations toward building capacity so they can train themselves.” The Badger team was stood-up to coordinate and synchronize C-IED training at JMTC, he said. About 30 percent of the forces that support the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan are coalition forces, and of those more than 80 percent are from the U.S. European Command’s area of responsibility. In March, U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates urged combatant commanders to develop concrete actions to assist coalition partners and enhance their Counter-IED capabilities in the areas of equipment, training and technical expertise, and the Badger Team was just one of the initiatives to support the directive. Members of the Badger team were selected based on Military Occupational Specialty, deployment history and special skills. For example, a member serving on the Defeat-the-Device team would have specialized experience working with route clearance equipment. “We try to find it before it explodes,” said Sgt. 1st Class Paul C. Burk, lead for the Defeat-the-Device Team. “We want Soldiers to know an IED can be anywhere. We teach them to think like the enemy.” The Soldier learns to collect and preserve evidence, identify and exploit the enemy’s vulnerabilities, and maintain an offensive posture, said Burk. Gathering evidence and performing forensics on the IEDs means U.S. and multinational forces can trace the source of the IED to a particular bomb-maker or organization. “It’s about saving lives. That’s the bottom line,” said Staff Sgt. Gus Hurtado, Defeat-the-Device trainer. “We would prefer to defeat the device before there is a blast.”last_img read more

Credit unions help light up July Fourth skies

first_img 2SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr by: Michael MuckianNothing is more American than fireworks on the Fourth of July holiday. Many credit unions nationwide are doing their part to support Independence Day by sponsoring fireworks and other colorful holiday events in their various communities in and around the traditional holiday.In a showing of across-the-border camaraderie, the $750 million Fibre Federal Credit Union in Longview, Wash., is sponsoring the fireworks display for Rainier Days in the Park, which will run July 9-12 at Rainier City Park in Rainier, Ore. For the past four years running, the display has been voted best fireworks on the Columbia River, and this year’s display is sure to exceed expectations continue reading »last_img read more

It’s time to stop judging smartphone addicts

first_img 1SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Chad Davis Chad Davis is Industry Sr Solutions Marketing Manger, F5 Networks, which is the leader in app security and multi-cloud management. He can be reached at Web: Details People have a complicated relationship with their smartphones. Those amazing mobile devices simultaneously offer a ready means to waste time and save it. They are both a distraction and a portal of productivity.As Google noted in declaring a “mobile majority,” based on a global survey finding that more people connect to the Internet through their phones than any other device, we have at our fingertips an instant source of information, entertainment, and social bonding. In a recent Forbes article, Brian Solis contends that their smartphones dictate the behaviors, expectations, and aspirations of “connected consumers.”“Pretty much anyone you want to do business with is obsessed with their mobile device,” Solis writes. “You can judge it or learn from it, but you can’t ignore it if you care about customer engagement.”It’s time to stop fretting about mobile devices as an addiction and start embracing opportunities to connect members with the financial solutions your credit union can deliver. For starters, one key actionable takeaway from Google’s business research is that 75 percent of smartphone aficionados says their mobile devices help them to be more productive.  Enter the branch appointment app, which offers members a quick and easy way to book time with a financial professional at the office of their choice to consult on important financial decisions. At the same time, your credit union can use the information members provide in scheduling an appointment to be prepared in showcasing the products and services they want and need.As much as members have embraced mobile and self-service options for managing their money, many still prefer to talk directly with knowledgeable professionals about their most significant commitments, like buying a car or house, paying for home improvements, planning for retirement, or signing on for business services. Even as online options to open accounts or track down solutions to service issues become more common, your credit union can win over members who prefer to handle these tasks in person by inviting them to schedule an appointment to take care of business. Offering an appointment app also underscores that you know how valuable members’ time is and that you are ready to help them make the most of it. This efficiency cuts in both directions: Research with Kronos clients shows that the vast majority of members who make branch appointments keep them, and the up-front notice helps branch employees be better prepared to provide the best possible service and identify additional sales opportunities.These strategies can help your credit union build member relationships by delivering on their evolving expectations for their trusted financial advisor and improve operational efficiencies and bottom-line results: Let members decide how and when to connect. For all the attention that mobile and other digital channels receive, what many members value most is getting to choose among a full range of delivery options. Offering a mobile appointment app can underscore that your credit union is a full-service financial institution and underscore your commitment to convenient access. Even consumers who rely heavily on digital channels will appreciate the opportunity to schedule appointments when they need guidance from financial professionals on more complex matters.Optimize frontline resources to drive service and revenue. Inviting members to make appointments connects them with valuable financial expertise and simultaneously provides branch managers with valuable data for smarter scheduling. Branch employees trained to deliver specialized services can be scheduled to meet demand and ready to serve with the appropriate materials lined up in advance to streamline the interaction. You can also offer more specialized services on specific days and/or at certain locations. As a result, the organization can increase branch efficiency, improve productivity and decrease costs by optimizing staff resources.Take a data-driven approach to branch sales and service. Appointment scheduling tools and lobby tracking software provide useful information about what services members want and when they are most likely to visit a branch for the kinds of interactions that result in increased sales. Detailed information about branch traffic patterns can guide decisions about scheduling, sales training, and marketing based on demand for services at each location.Two additional statistics from business research support the benefits of an appointment app for members and your credit union. First, a survey from GetApp Lab indicates that 70 percent of customers prefer to book appointments online rather than by phone. Especially for members who are already comfortable booking everything from restaurant reservations to doctors’ appointments on their smartphone, an appointment app from their credit union would be a natural and much-appreciated service.Second, Google reports that mobile searches for “best” increased more than 80 percent in two years. To enhance your credit union’s standing as members’ best choice for financial services, a full range of service and channel options, including convenient appointments at their favorite branch, can help forge a strong and lasting connection.last_img read more

State Police in Oneonta investigating ‘numerous’ vehicle break-ins

first_imgNo other information was released. ONEONTA, N.Y. (WBNG) — The New York State Police Department is asking residents in Oneonta to be vigilant following “numerous” vehicle break-ins. Authorities are asking people to call 911 if they see suspicious activity.center_img In a Friday news release, authorities are reminding individuals keep valuables out of their vehicles and to keep them locked. The department says troopers have reported items being taken. last_img

Beer convoys en route to outback Aussie pubs as lockdown lifted

first_imgOn Thursday, Northern Territory chief minister Michael Gunner welcomed the first shipment of 175,000 liters of “the good stuff”.”The beers are here and the jobs are back,” Gunner said at a press conference surrounded by some freshly delivered cases.The beer market has dipped 20 percent since the lockdown with the loss of keg sales hitting brewers and pubs hard, said Lion Beer Australia — one of the largest brewers in the country.”March 23 was the most devastating and soul-destroying day our industry has ever experienced,” the firm’s Managing Director James Brindley said of the day pubs and restaurants across Australia were ordered closed as part of lockdown restrictions.  Trucks laden with thousands of beer kegs headed to Australia’s remote Northern Territory on Friday as pubs there prepare to reopen after weeks-long virus shutdown.With the fewest cases of COVID-19 of any of Australia’s states and territories, the region has authorized pubs to serve drinkers inside their doors from May 15.”I understand there’s a whole bunch of kegs on their way to Darwin as we speak, running up the highway — much eagerly anticipated, I’m sure,” Prime Minister Scott Morrison told media in Canberra. “For many of us being able to get back to the local and have a beer with our mates is the morale boost that we’ve all been waiting for,” he said.Some social-distancing measures will remain in the Northern Territory, with drinkers required to eat a meal and limited to two hours in a venue.But in a national plan outlined by the prime minister on Friday, other regions may have to wait a while before they could also head to the pub, as the decision to reopen is up to individual states.”They’ve all got different starting points. The whole country has the same end-point — to get to a COVID-safe economy,” Morrison said, as he outlined a path out of restrictions.Virus cases in the nation have slowed in past weeks, with close to 7,000 confirmed cases and 97 deaths connected to COVID-19 since the pandemic began.The sparsely populated Northern Territory has registered just 30 cases and no deaths.center_img Topics :last_img read more

This leafy oasis is your chance to get away from the rat race

first_img113A Burke Street, AyrOther external features include a traditional undercover front veranda, a 6m x 6m gabled-carport, a two-bay 7m x 9m fabricated shed (including one fully lockable bay) and well established 1679 sqm central allotment boasting lush gardens and surrounds.This property is located near the Ayr Anzac and Ayr Bowls Clubs, the St Francis Primary School, Catholic Church and Ayr CBD. 113A Burke street, AyrWELCOME to 113a Burke Street, Ayr — an exquisitely presented Queenslander — hidden away in its own quiet leafy Ayr haven.This stunning property, located an hour south of Townsville, offers the ultimate in privacy with an extremely desirable location.Beautifully presented, this lowset four-bedroom Queenslander has been meticulously cared for and features are overflowing and include four bedrooms plus an office. More from news01:21Buyer demand explodes in Townsville’s 2019 flood-affected suburbs12 Sep 202001:21‘Giant surge’ in new home sales lifts Townsville property market10 Sep 2020113A Burke Street, Ayr“It has a very traditional interior including polished pine and hardwood timber floors, VJ walls, French doors and high ceilings,” say listing agents David and Dianne Reguson.“This home is fully air-conditioned and has a nice country-style timber kitchen, excellent bathroom, two toilets, free-flowing living areas and a family/TV room.“The home spills out into an inviting undercover barbecue/entertaining area — which your friends will never leave.“And beyond this area is a sparkling in-ground swimming pool which will allow everybody to escape our tropical North Queensland heat.”last_img read more