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SRK makes Sachin dance

first_imgSRKThe badshah of Bollywood has always known how to make people dance to his tunes, but master blaster Sachin Tendulkar was surely a first for him too.Shah Rukh Khan had flown down from Berlin, where he was busy shooting for Don 2, to attend the second edition of the Sahara Sports Awards on October 30. At the event, he got the cricketer to match steps with him during a dance performance. When we contacted SRK to ask how he managed to make it to the show, he replied: “I made it because I really like sports. I wanted to see all the renowned sportspersons of our country under one roof.”last_img

Rescuers struggle to reach stranded in Myanmar dam flooding

first_imgBago (Myanmar), Aug 30 (AFP) Rescuers in boats negotiated muddy waters today to reach thousands stranded in central Myanmar after a dam overflowed, sending a torrent of water across farmland and villages.No casualties have yet been reported but state media said more than 63,000 people in Bago region were affected after the Swar Chaung dam overflowed yesterday morning.The dam’s spillway, a structure that controls the release of more than 20,000 cubic metres of water held in Swar Chaung’s levee, was broken by seasonal rainfall.It is the second major flood caused by damage to dam in weeks in the region, after at least 35 people were killed, scores left missing and thousands displaced by a collapsed hydropower facility in neighbouring Laos.AFP reporters in Bago province saw soldiers sporting orange life jackets employed to rescue the stranded, steering tin boats to waiting villagers huddled on mudflats.Trucks were lodged in murky waters while roads had buckled under the weight of the waters, which continued to flow across the villages.Reeling from the loss of his home, Wai Lin Aung, 27, said there was no warning from authorities on what to do after the dam overflowed.”No one told us what we needed to do so we just monitored the water levels and as the situation became worse, we just ran,” he told AFP, adding that he had stayed at a monastery overnight.”How can I feel comfortable seeing my house destroyed? I have nowhere to live and nothing to eat.” Myanmar experiences a monsoon season that goes from June to November, but locals in Yedashe township said that they have never witnessed such a torrent of water.advertisement”It was like something we couldn’t believe,” Phyu Thi, 35, said.The heavy weight of the floods also fractured part of a bridge on the Yangon-Mandalay highway linking Myanmar’s two biggest cities, throwing the country’s traffic artery into disarray.Minister of Construction Han Zaw said today that 500 people are working to fix the road, which will take about two days.”(We) are trying to get the situation of transportation back to normal as much as we can,” Han Zaw said.Currently more than 12,600 people have taken shelter in about 30 temporary camps, but many others are at a loss for what to do.Kyi Win, 46, managed to return to his village to check on the state of his home but said he will continue staying in a temporary shelter.”Some of the houses are completely destroyed,” he said, explaining that the toilet of his house has been wrecked. “For now, I’ll stay (at the monastery) because I can’t come back here.”The deluge comes just weeks after heavy monsoon rains pummelled Myanmar, causing widespread flash floods that forced some 150,000 people to flee their homes. (AFP) RUPRUPlast_img read more

How different are B-School applicants? What can they do to project a strong candidature?

first_imgThousands of applicants apply to Global B-Schools without really how to introspect and assess their own strengths and weaknesses. Without a strong clarity of theory own stories, the applicants try to gamble their way up and a lot of times the odds are not in their favour.I wanted to elaborate on this problem and help applicants understand how to assess their own candidature, and what steps to take in order to make up for the shortfall in the candidature.Let us start by giving you an understanding of how do schools see you and looking a the factors these schools consider while categorizing your candidature as HOT or Dead.If you are looking at the Ivy League MBA programs, you will be hot for these programs if your GMAT Score if 750+, your past experience is with one of the target group of companies that recruit from your prospective schools (Top tier consulting firms, Bulge bracket investment banks, top Private equity firms, or companies such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft) for 4 to 5 years, and you have an undergrad from a top 3 to 4 college of your country (IIT’s/St. Stephens) with a GPA north of 3.6.You have been regular at a team based sports activity such as Football, Cricket, Basketball etc. and have represented your college/City etc. Moreover, You are very active in the alumni association of your college and have done decent charity work.If you do not make it to any school in this list, you are going terribly wrong in your story- either you do not know why you want to do an MBA in the short term, and your long term goals are not convincing enough, or you have average recommendations.advertisementLook at the second half of this article to assess where you could have gone wrong.In the second category, you have everything from the list above, but you did not go to IIT’s or the top tier colleges of the country.You do not have to lose heart, and you can still work on story execution to maximize your chances. Your chances are lesser than the first category above, but you are not ruled out.The third category is of people who do not have target companies or Top tier undergrads and do not have a 750+ GMAT Score. In this scenario, if your GMAT Score is below 640, then you do not have a strong chance at top 50 and a retake is strongly recommended.However, if you have a score between 660 to 730, you should apply to a broad range of schools in the Top 50 category. If you are exploring ISB, or IIM’s, you need to have strong reasons to convince them of the ONE YEAR MBA story.What can you as an applicant do to have strong execution in your stories? After you have categorized yourself on the basis of the factors above, you should take the following measures to help the schools understand your story.Short term and Long Term aspirations: You have to project a great understanding of the short term and long term goals. Give them a detailed understanding of the industry and functions you will be a part of immediately after MBA. The research will be so comprehensive that you should even know the positions that his target recruiters hired for.Expressing Why this program? : You will have very strong reasons for joining that particular program. You should have conducted a great amount of research by talking to the existing students, and the alumni body. Simply researching on the website will not allow you to tell themWhy you want to join TUCK or Columbia? He will have created a list of questions that you plan to ask the alumni body. It is not about conducting personal interviews. It is about knowing how that school will help you in your future.Make a class Visit: I will also encourage you to make a class visit. Go to the websites of your target schools and identify the class visit schedules. Research on these schools, and ask effective questions. The interview should not be the first time they should see you. Meet them way ahead of the cycle. Ask smart questions and take good notes. Why this school? essay, reflect on the experiences you had.GMAT Score: You need to have a GMAT Score between 720 and 770. With a 720, an IVY League admit is not impossible but gets really tough. While GMAT is only one of the factors that they take into consideration, you still have to satiate the DEMOGRAPHIC needs of the school. i.e. If you are an Indian IT Male applicant, you need to give them something more than the peer group. If you are an applicant from a social services background and aspire to do something in the same area, they might consider you with a low GMAT Score as well. You need to be aware of the sensitivities of the school when it comes to picking up the right demographic mix.advertisementExtracurricular Activities and the context: You need to have great stories in his/her extra-curricular activities. It is not about stating facts. They are more interested in learning Why you performed those activities and what you learnt out of those? This candidate will have led many social/cultural activities and will showcase a pattern that will add value to the school’s alumni body in the future as well.Nature of the organization: You should have also worked with one of the feeder companies. There are many companies that are on the top of the recruiting charts. While you do not have to necessarily belong to these companies, it still helps if you have worked in companies such as Google, Microsoft, McKinsey, Morgan Stanley, KKR, PWC, Facebook( and many more). Having been nurtured in the leadership of these companies, you become a good target for the top schools.The expression on the essays: This candidate will have a very candid expression on the essays. Remember: They are not driven by heavy-weight vocabulary on your essays. It is more about storytelling and expressing your life. It is more about Why did you do whatever you did?. It is about What matters most to you?. You will also have a very effective letter of recommendations.I know that it is not easy to qualify all the parameters described above. However, I wanted to be unrestrained in my expression as you have many months to work in this direction.(Authored article by: Jatin Bhandari, Founder, PythaGURUS)last_img read more


first_img2016 is turning out to be a bloody year on Iowa’s roadways.Patrick Hoye , chief of the Governor’s Traffic Safety Bureau, says after several years of declining traffic fatality numbers in Iowa, we are well ahead of last year’s total of 320 traffic deaths for 2015:Audio Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.OC………..would continue. :14The Thanksgiving holiday weekend is one of the busiest times of the year on Iowa’s roadways.Officers will be out in force through the weekend on Iowa’s highways and interstates.Audio Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.OC………buckled. :07Hoye says roughly half of the traffic deaths in Iowa involved people who weren’t wearing a seatbelt and 30-percent of the fatal crashes were alcohol-related.Another reason for the spike in fatal crashes could involve the low gas prices we’ve had this year.Audio Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.OC……..caught our eye. :12Over the 2015 Thanksgiving holiday, five people were killed on Iowa roads..last_img read more

Shawn Oakman Says He Doesn’t Know Who Emmanuel Ogbah is

first_imgShawn Oakman is majoring in health, human performance and recreation studies at Baylor. He might need a refresher on the second of those three.On Tuesday, it was revealed that the baddest man in college football doesn’t know the only defensive lineman in the conference who was better than him last year.Oakman was asked about Emmanuel Ogbah at Big 12 media days and responded curiously, “who that?”Let me introduce you, Shawn. Here are all the Big 12 defensive linemen of the year since the award was introduced in 2006.Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 2.18.37 PMAlso, fellow defensive end Victor Irokansi did not seem pleased.What a clown— Victor Irokansi (@CoachVic_) July 21, 2015Ogbah eventually responded.“First of all, I really don’t care what his opinion of me,” Ogbah told CRFF. “Thing is, I’m just going out there to help myself and my teammates out. So I don’t care what he says, I mean he’s a football player and I’m a football player, we both play for different schools so I’m not worried about what he says.”It’s still a little up in the air whether Oakman just doesn’t know who Ogbah is (maybe they can meet at media days!) or whether he was firing some shots in the Stillwater direction. I honestly don’t know which is worse.If you’re looking for the comments section, it has moved to our forum, The Chamber. You can go there to comment and holler about these articles, specifically in these threads. You can register for a free account right here and will need one to comment.If you’re wondering why we decided to do this, we wrote about that here. Thank you and cheers!last_img read more

Harry Kane race set for summer but will English clubs steal march on Real?

first_img Pinterest blogposts Supposition has long had it that United would move heaven and earth to capture Gareth Bale but, though Real Madrid now seem willing to part with a player who has made only half a dozen league appearances this season, Chelsea are also keen on the former Tottenham winger. While Bale would be a welcome addition to the Premier League’s roster of eye-catching entertainers, even with his well-documented injury problems, to an extent he is a fading force, if not quite yesterday’s man. Bale is 28 and unlikely to match in England what he has achieved in Spain. Read more Share on WhatsApp Tottenham Hotspur Real Madrid’s willingness to part with Gareth Bale may spark Manchester United and Chelsea into action. Photograph: Angel Martinez/Real Madrid via Getty Images The transfer window officially opens on Monday, though this one has been so eagerly awaited that some clubs have jumped the gun. It is slightly odd that this should happen in a season when all interest in the title race will most likely be over by the end of January but, perhaps because they feel the deal properly belongs to last summer, Liverpool went ahead early with the announcement that they had agreed to pay Southampton a record £75m for Virgil van Dijk. Real Madrid are thought to value Kane at around £180m and plan to make a move in the summer, but why should Spanish clubs be considered the only ones capable of blowing rivals out of the water with a bid Tottenham cannot possibly refuse? Are English clubs not richer than ever, and are there not still five of them in the Champions League?Even if Kane has expressed a preference for staying where he is, and even if Spurs are willing to double his money, that is not the way football generally works. It will be a surprise if Kane is still at the same club in a year’s time, and in fact people are betting against it already. No one expects a move mid-season, though the first window of opportunity is about to open, the target is clear and anyone truly ambitious ought to be ready. To dare is to do, as Spurs may have heard. The gun can be jumped. Share on Messenger Transfer window Ten January window transfer targets – from Griezmann to Lozano and N’Zonzi Real Madrid have enjoyed his best seasons and are attempting to recoup some money on a player who has become close to peripheral at the Bernabéu. It would be galling in the extreme were the Spanish giants to take money from an English club to help finance a bid for Harry Kane.The Tottenham striker, as he has just proved with his record-breaking 39 goals in 36 games in 2017, is undoubtedly the real deal. As good at putting the ball in the net as anyone in Europe and a completely English product, there can be no more questions about him. Since his breakthrough season in 2014-15 he has improved year on year and, at 24 and operating at Champions League level, he is red-hot property even before Tottenham’s famously modest pay scale and unimpressive trophy record are taken into account.Sean Dyche, the seventh of eight opposing managers to witness a Kane hat-trick in 2017, merely stated the obvious this month when he said any club in the world would love to have him. That must include Manchester City as well as Manchester United. Tottenham may not be prepared to sell him to a Premier League rival, but there is an opportunity here for United or Chelsea to do something other than moan about City’s clear superiority, or for City to make the most decisive move yet to ensure its continuation. Sportblog Not to be outdone, it emerged days in advance of the window that Everton would not be letting slip another opportunity to bring in a proven goalscorer, although early reports that Besiktas had agreed to allow Cenk Tosun to leave for £25m were a trifle premature. It still remains conceivable that the two players could face each other in Friday’s FA Cup Merseyside derby, meaning that the coming month may not be dominated by José Mourinho pleading poverty or Manchester City weighing up a move for Alexis Sánchez after all.It used to be said until quite recently that summer was the only time to do good business and that January was a last-chance saloon for those desperate enough to pay silly prices, but that view may be changing. The prices are still silly, naturally – this is England – but most clubs have a little more spending money these days and long-term targets can be landed just as easily in January as in summer.To describe Van Dijk and Sánchez as long-term targets for Liverpool and City would be an understatement – both deals might have happened six months ago – but Ronald Koeman was outlining the importance of replacing Romelu Lukaku weeks before the last window closed and Sam Allardyce has been tracking Tosun for so long he initially recommended him to Crystal Palace.The other name that would normally come up in this category is Antoine Griezmann of Atlético Madrid, long assumed to be a Manchester United target. That deal could also have gone through last summer but for a transfer ban being placed on Atlético. The embargo is now up and Atlético have a returning Diego Costa in the pipeline but, though the path to Old Trafford is now clear, it appears the French forward is more likely to stay in Spain. Barcelona have agreed to pay Griezmann’s £90m release clause, a figure Mourinho is understood to feel is too high anyway, but would prefer to welcome him in the summer rather than mid-season.This does not make Barcelona any less keen on Liverpool’s Philippe Coutinho, a deferred move that at some point in 2018 is likely to put the capture of Van Dijk into perspective, but though Atlético would not object to United hijacking Barcelona’s move for Griezmann, or at least entering into a bidding war with the Catalans, the noises coming out of Old Trafford indicate the player is no longer their No1 target, if indeed he ever was.center_img Share on LinkedIn Twitter Share on Facebook Harry Kane Reuse this content Why should Spanish clubs be considered the only ones able to blow rivals out of the water with a bid Spurs can’t refuse? Share on Twitter Share via Email Share on Pinterest Read more Facebook Topics José Mourinho reminds Klopp of Pogba fee comment after £75m Van Dijk deallast_img read more

Neuer will play against Austria

first_imgGermany Neuer to make injury comeback against Austria Iain Strachan Last updated 1 year ago 20:54 5/29/18 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(0) Manuel Neuer - cropped Bongarts Germany World Cup Austria v Germany Friendlies Germany v Mexico Germany v Sweden South Korea v Germany A major test of the goalkeeper’s rehabilitation will take place on Saturday, when the Bayern Munich star features for Germany Manuel Neuer will make his long-awaited return from injury in a friendly against Austria as he seeks to prove his fitness ahead of the World Cup, Germany’s goalkeeping coach Andreas Kopke has confirmed.Bayern Munich star Neuer has not played competitively since September due to a broken foot, although he has been included in Joachim Low’s provisional squad for Germany’s defence of the World Cup in Russia. The 32-year-old, who captains both his club and country and was a key member of Die Mannschaft’s successful campaign in Brazil in 2014, has returned to full training in recent weeks. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Goalkeeper crisis! Walker to the rescue but City sweating on Ederson injury ahead of Liverpool clash Out of his depth! Emery on borrowed time after another abysmal Arsenal display Diving, tactical fouls & the emerging war of words between Guardiola & Klopp Sorry, Cristiano! Pjanic is Juventus’ most important player right now Speaking during a news conference at the team’s pre-tournament training camp, Kopke confirmed Neuer will be involved in some capacity when Germany play a warm-up game against their neighbours in Klagenfurt.”As things stand, Manuel Neuer will play on Saturday,” he said. “Those are the games that he needs right now.”Asked if Neuer will start or come on as a substitute, Kopke replied: “As usual, the line-ups will be determined on the go. “There’s still time to look and prepare and see what exactly…the players [are capable of].”There were exchanges throughout the training between Manuel and the coaching staff to see how he’s coming on. “The foot seems to be in a good spot and there was continuous contact, back and forth, to ensure everything is fine. “If there was a problem he would come forward.”Should Neuer fail to convince Low and his staff he is ready to start the Group F opener against Mexico on June 17, Barcelona’s Marc-Andre ter Stegen is poised to play between the posts.”The coaching staff has discussed how Ter Stegen fits in,” Kopke said.”As it’s essentially consistent through the German line-ups [how the team plays], every player is able to step in. “You can’t take away from what Neuer has done as the captain, leading the team on and off the field. But whoever starts will have the utmost confidence of the players and coaching staff.All eyes on you, my friend #DieMannschaft #HereToCreate— Marc ter Stegen (@mterstegen1) May 29, 2018″Ter Stegen’s last season has been terrific for Barcelona. There are four goalkeepers for the squad currently in case things don’t go the way the coaching staff would like but we have full confidence going forward.”From a Ter Stegen point of view, he has been terrific for Barcelona, he has garnered tremendous respect from the players. The players feel very comfortable with whoever is in goal. It won’t affect anything.”last_img read more

World Cup 2019: Steve Smith should bat at No.3, says Shane Warne

first_img Next Asian News International New DelhiJune 29, 2019UPDATED: June 29, 2019 14:09 IST Australia will face New Zealand where Shane Warne wants Steve Smith to bat at number three (Photo: Reuters)HIGHLIGHTSAustralia is at the top in the World Cup points tableAustralia have already qualified for the World Cup semi-finalsSteve Smith has scored 282 runs from 7 matches so far at an average of over 40Former Australian cricketer Shane Warne wants Steve Smith to bat at number three in the World Cup match against New Zealand, scheduled for Saturday at the Home of Cricket, the Lord’s.In the seven matches so far, Smith has been batting at number four and sometimes even further down the order, at number six.Warner, in a tweet, advised Australia to send Smith at number three. The former cricketer further said that Shaun Marsh should replace Usman Khawaja in the lineup and bat at number four.”GL to the Aussies against our kiwi friends today. Changes for me are. Smith to bat at number 3 no matter what & S Marsh in for Khawaja & to bar at 4. That is Australia’s best side & aside for all conditions too. Agree followers? May the best team win @Bazmccullum @SPFleming7,” Warne tweeted.GL to the Aussies against our kiwi friends today. Changes for me are. Smith to bat at number 3 no matter what & S March in for Khawaja & to bar at 4. That is Australia’s best side & a side for all conditions too. Agree followers ? May the best team win @Bazmccullum @SPFleming7Shane Warne (@ShaneWarne) June 29, 2019Defending champions Australia have already qualified for the semi-finals. The team sits in the pole position on the World Cup standings with 12 points from seven matches.David Warner and Aaron Finch are in superb form as they hold the first and second place in the highest run-scorer table with 500 and 496 runs, respectively.In the bowling department, Mitchell Starc leads the most wickets taken list with 19 wickets under his belt.advertisementAlso Read | India topple England, go top of ODI rankingsAlso Read | World Cup 2019: Team India ‘ready to rumble’ vs England in new orange jerseyAlso SeeFor sports news, updates, live scores and cricket fixtures, log on to Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for Sports news, scores and updates.Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. Download from Post your comment Do You Like This Story? Awesome! Now share the story Too bad. Tell us what you didn’t like in the comments Posted byAjay Tiwari Tags :Follow Steve SmithFollow Australia vs New ZealandFollow Shane Warne World Cup 2019: Steve Smith should bat at No.3, says Shane WarneSteve Smith has been batting at number four or further down the line at number six and should bat at number three, according to Shane Warne. He has advised Australia that Shaun Marsh should replace Usman Khawaja in the lineup and bat at number four.advertisementlast_img read more

Criticized for management style head of Quebec rights commission resigns

first_imgUnder fire for months for her management style, the president of Quebec’s human rights commission resigned Thursday.Since being named to the post in February 2017, Tamara Thermitus has come under scrutiny in two government reports.The Quebec ombudsperson recently conducted an investigation into allegations of poor management and abuse of power. Her report has been completed and is expected to be released soon.Earlier, a report commissioned by the minister of justice concluded that the human rights commission had been experiencing problems connected to governance, management of human resources and communications for several months.If she had not stepped down, Thermitus ran the risk of being removed from the post by legislators, which would have been unprecedented.Ombudsperson Marie Rinfret said Thursday that her investigation uncovered serious breaches of ethical norms and a case of poor management, including abuse of authority.“I won’t go any further than that,” she told reporters.In her resignation letter submitted to the Speaker of the legislature, Thermitus said she hopes her time at the commission “was able to shed light on the great need for change in this organization.” She said that as president she spoke out against “unwarranted perks” and unnecessary jobs created to favour certain employees.Her style provoked strong reactions among staff, she said, and under the circumstances she had no choice but to resign.Justice Minister Sonia LeBel said the government will seek to fill the vacancy “as quickly as possible.”Veronique Hivon, justice critic for the opposition Parti Quebecois, said it was time for Thermitus to go.“It was the right step,” she said. “We have been calling for this resignation for several months now, since last spring when the outside inspector submitted a devastating report that said Ms. Thermitus did not have what it takes to occupy that role.”She said that for employees of the commission, the page has turned “on this bad chapter.”Caroline Plante, The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Canada has a racism problem AFN National Chief

first_imgAPTN National News OTTAWA–Assembly of First Nations National Chief Perry Bellegarde says Canada has a racism problem across the country.Bellegarde was responding to a cover story by Maclean’s magazine claiming Canada has a bigger race problem than the U.S. The story focused on Winnipeg claiming racism in the city was the “ugliest” in the country.Bellegarde said he saw racism as a national problem.“I think we have to do a lot more to address it,” said Bellegarde, in an interview with Nation to Nation to air later Thursday. “It is not in any particular region, it is right across Canada.”The national chief told Maclean’s he believed colonialism was at the root of racism in Canada.“Colonialism didn’t just impact Aboriginal people,” Bellegarde said to the magazine. “It forever changed the way the European population on the Prairies would see Aboriginals as a problem, never a partner.”Bellegarde said Canada’s colonialism has spawned a litany sins against Indigenous people.“We have got to repair this relationship in this this land. It has been affected by colonialism, it has been affected by the imposition of residential schools, which is cultural genocide, it has been affected by the economic marginalization of the lands and resources being exploited without our being involved,” he said.Bellegarde said one of the ways to begin reversing Canada’s existing racism is to education children about the treaties and residential schools.Aboriginal Affairs Minister Bernard Valcourt’s office did not return request for comment as of this article’s posting.–More to read more

UNbacked African Green Revolution meeting to kick off

28 August 2007The United Nations-backed conference on the African Green Revolution – which supports African farming communities as they evolve from subsistence farming to sustainable modern agriculture – kicks off tomorrow in Oslo, Norway. The United Nations-backed conference on the African Green Revolution – which supports African farming communities as they evolve from subsistence farming to sustainable modern agriculture – kicks off tomorrow in Oslo, Norway. The first such gathering took place last year, spurred by a July 2004 call by former Secretary-General Kofi Annan to bolster agricultural productivity and food security through a “Green Revolution” in Africa, which he said is the only continent bypassed by the transformation. This year’s conference – themed “Partnership for Productivity” – emphasizes public-private partnerships, and will draw a wide range of participants, including policymakers, Government officials, representatives of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), farmers, entrepreneurs and business leaders. “The rural world is at a crossroads, facing ever-increasing pressure to produce more food to feed growing populations amid a number of rapidly evolving global challenges such as climate change, rural-urban migration and emerging biofuel markets,” said Kanayo Nwanze, Vice-President of the UN International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD). The Green Revolution “will move forward with support from the outside because the challenges facing African agricultural development require comprehensive solutions only possible through strategic alliances,” he stressed. Mr. Nwanze is one of scores of speakers to address the four-day conference, expected to be attended by around 200 people. read more

ADB trims Asian outlook citing trade wars global slowdown

BANGKOK — The Asian Development Bank says that escalating trade tensions will sap Asian economies of some of their potential in this year and the next.The regional lender says in a report released Wednesday that it expects regional growth of 5.4% this year and 5.5% in the coming year, slightly below its earlier forecasts.The report cites a risk of a further deterioration in trade friction, such as the tariff war between China and the U.S. and a festering dispute between Japan and South Korea.It said uncertainty over such rifts could also further destabilize financial markets, compounding the problems.In broader terms, the report urges regional governments to do a better job of providing affordable housing and public transport to help support growth and improvements in urban living standards.The Associated Press read more

Strong sales of FisherPrice Monster High lift Mattels 3Q results tops Wall

Strong sales of Fisher-Price, Monster High lift Mattel’s 3Q results, tops Wall Street view by News Staff Posted Oct 16, 2012 6:20 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email NEW YORK, N.Y. – Mattel says that cost cuts and higher revenue from toys including Monster High dolls and Fisher-Price helped send net income up 22 per cent in the third quarter, providing a bit of early holiday cheer for the largest U.S. toy maker.The results topped Wall Street expectations and sent its shares 3 per cent higher in morning trading Tuesday.They also indicate that Mattel is outperforming its rivals so far as it heads into the crucial holiday season, when toy makers can earn up to 40 per cent of annual revenue.CEO Bryan Stockton said the quarter shows the company is “building momentum in the marketplace through share gains and strong shipments across our portfolio of brands and countries.” But he said the company is solidly focused on the holidays.“With the holidays still in front of us, we remain focused on executing our business and driving retail sales in the all-important holiday season,” he said.There was one lump of coal: The stronger dollar and tough competition in the doll aisle was a drag on Barbie, usually one of Mattel’s top performers. Revenue from that brand fell 4 per cent. But Mattel’s other doll brands’ revenue surged, including Monster High, its hit line of monster-inspired dolls, and American Girl dolls.The holidays are expected to be a tough battleground for toy makers, with retailers ordering inventory cautiously. In addition, retailers including Wal-Mart, Kmart and Toys R Us have beefed up layaway and reservation services to encourage shoppers to buy toys early in the season, meaning they might be scarce later on.But Stockton reassured analysts in a call with investors that he was satisfied with inventory levels and early layaway programs.“Our belief is (early layaway) is positive for the toy industry, particularly higher-priced toy items, and may help drive incremental traffic,” he said. “We feel good that inventory levels, both at Mattel and at our retail partners, position us well for success is the holiday season.”Mattel’s net income was $365.9 million, or $1.04 per share, for the period ended Sept. 30. That’s up from $300.8 million, or 86 cents per share, a year ago.Analysts expected 99 cents per share, according to a poll by FactSet.Revenue for the El Segundo, Calif.-based company rose 4 per cent to $2.08 billion, topping Wall Street’s estimate of $2.07 billion.Fisher Price sales increased 6 per cent, while American Girl rose 16 per cent. Sales of Hot Wheels were flat. Mattel reported strong sales of Monster High products, while sales of games tied to the “Cars 2” movie fell.Revenue climbed in North America and abroad, with international results pressured by the stronger dollar.Cost of sales fell 8 per cent during the quarter as the company continued a cost-cutting program and streamlined design and manufacturing processes.Smaller rival Hasbro Inc., which makes Monopoly, Nerf and My Little Pony, reports its results on Monday.Shares rose $1.78, or 5 per cent, to close at $37.20 after rising as high as $37.31 Tuesday, their highest level in more than a decade.___AP Writers Michelle Chapman and Candice Choi contributed to this report. read more

A bythenumbers look at social finance and essential skills in Canada

A by-the-numbers look at social finance and essential skills in Canada by The Canadian Press Posted Jun 6, 2016 2:30 am MDT Last Updated Jun 6, 2016 at 3:00 am MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email OTTAWA – The federal government is focused on increasing social financing to help pay for essential skills development. Here’s a by-the-numbers look at how much is available for social financing, what the government already spends, and the state of essential skills in the Canadian labour force.$2.2 billion: Estimated amount available in Canada for impact investing.$25 million: Amount the federal government spends annually on essential skills training.$2.7 billion: Amount the federal government transfers to provinces and territories annually to help with skills training.14: Percentage of workers in Canada who score at the lowest literacy skill levels.60: Percentage of aboriginal people off-reserve who scored in the lowest two categories on an OECD five-point scale for measuring literacy skills.1: Canada’s rank among 37 OECD and G20 countries in the percentage of the population age 25-64 with post-secondary education.(Source: Employment and Social Development Canada, OECD) read more

Pryor rescues sloppy Buckeyes with fourthdown scramble in victory over Hawkeyes

Terrelle Pryor admitted he doesn’t have the most talent or the glitziest numbers. But he proved Saturday he can make plays when it counts. The junior quarterback rallied Ohio State (10-1, 6-1) to a fourth-quarter comeback to escape Iowa City, Iowa, with a 20-17 victory and keep the Buckeyes in the hunt for their sixth straight conference title. “I might not be the best quarterback or have the best stats,” Pryor said, “but I guarantee I can bring my team back and make them believe that we were coming back.” It wasn’t pretty. Pryor scrambled for 14 yards to convert a fourth-and-10 at midfield to revive a game-winning drive that was on life support. Five plays later, running back Dan “Boom” Herron punched in a 2-yard touchdown to cap the 12-play, 76-yard march and give OSU a 20-17 lead with 1:47 remaining. “Our guys don’t panic,” coach Jim Tressel said. “They believe and keep fighting. We felt like it was going to be a four-quarter heavyweight bout.” Herron rushed for 69 yards on 20 carries. The junior has scored at least one touchdown in 10 consecutive games. Iowa’s final crack at tying or winning the game was short-lived. Defensive lineman Cameron Heyward sacked quarterback Ricky Stanzi to force the Hawkeyes into a fourth-and-22, which they couldn’t convert. “I think we knew we really needed a stop,” Heyward said. “The defensive line just took that personally and went out there and played.” Pryor raved all week about OSU’s offensive game plan for Iowa, but aside from the go-ahead series, the Buckeyes struggled to muster up any sort of offensive rhythm. The junior signal-caller tossed a pair of costly interceptions, and officials flagged the Buckeyes eight times for 73 yards, including three false start penalties. “Throughout the game, a lot of things were going on,” Pryor said. “A lot of dropped passes, a lot of bad throws, a lot of inaccurate throws. We lived for another day.” Pryor’s miscues nearly cost OSU the game. Facing third-and-10 with the score tied 10-10 in the fourth quarter, Pryor, looking for receiver Dane Sanzenbacher, threw into double coverage off his back foot. Iowa’s Shaun Prater collected the errant throw after a deflection, returning the pick eight yards to the OSU 27-yard line. The pick “was kind of B.S.,” Pryor said. “It kind of bounced off Dane and bounced up. They made a great play on that.” Two plays later, running back Marcus Coker scored the first touchdown of his career from one yard out to provide Iowa a 17-10 edge. Coker totaled 70 yards on nine carries as he started in place of Adam Robinson, whom Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz benched for the first quarter for what he called “academic indigestions.” “He didn’t do anything wrong, illegal or what have you,” Ferentz said. “But just not dotting the ‘I’s and crossing the ‘T’s.” Robinson, who gained 27 yards on nine carries, left the game on Iowa’s final drive after taking a brutal hit from OSU safety Jermale Hines. With 7:38 to play, Devin Barclay converted a career-long 48-yard field goal to cap an 11-play, 30-yard drive that cut OSU’s deficit to 17-13. One play before Pryor rescued the Buckeyes on fourth down, receiver DeVier Posey, all alone in the end zone, let a downfield heave fall through his fingers. He strutted back to the huddle, hands on his helmet, shaking his head. “Was I pissed? Yeah, I was mad,” Pryor said. “But we had a fourth-and-10 to get to or we were going to lose another game. I hate losing with a passion.” Pryor atoned for Posey’s drop and his own mistakes on the next play, as Tressel opted against punting on fourth down from midfield with more than four minutes left. Instead, the notoriously conservative coach put his trust in an offense that tallied just three points in the first half. “When it was fourth-and-10 and (Pryor) went scrambling, I almost threw up on myself,” linebacker Brian Rolle said. “I held my breath the whole play.” On the Buckeyes’ final possession before halftime, Pryor tried to squeeze a pass into triple coverage for receiver Taurian Washington. After a deflection, Iowa safety Micah Hyde snagged the ball with one hand while falling to the ground to preserve the Hawkeye lead. Following the play, Pryor pleaded his case with Tressel and quarterbacks coach Nick Siciliano, insisting that the turnover wasn’t his fault. “He was probably upset about the fact he threw an interception,” Tressel said. “But in the heat of a game when you’re screaming and yelling at each other, there’s no place for the meek and mild. You need to be screamed at and you need to scream. “I don’t know if I was screaming at him or if he was screaming at me or if we were screaming at each other, but we still love each other.” Pryor completed 18 of his 33 pass attempts for 195 yards. He found backup tight end Reid Fragel for a 5-yard touchdown to cap a 12-play, 77-yard drive to start the second half and turn a 7-3 deficit into a 10-7 advantage. The score was the first of Fragel’s career. Iowa responded with a 10-play, 65-yard march of its own, which culminated in a 31-yard field goal to tie the game. Last season, the teams also entered the fourth quarter knotted at 10-10. Herron and running back Brandon Saine scored touchdowns early in the quarter before Iowa erased a 14-point deficit to send the contest into overtime. After Iowa failed to score, Barclay punched the Buckeyes’ ticket to Pasadena, Calif., with a 39-yard field goal. OSU hosts rival Michigan at the Horseshoe at noon Saturday. A victory would clinch the Buckeyes at least a share of the Big Ten title. Michigan State and Wisconsin remain tied with OSU atop the Big Ten standings with one conference loss. The Badgers beat Michigan, and the Spartans rallied to defeat Purdue. read more

Paul Walker star of Fast Furious films killed in car crash

first_imgPAUL WALKER, ONE of the stars of the popular ‘Fast and Furious’ action movie franchise, died in a car crash on Saturday, his publicist confirmed.He was 40 year old.Walker’s publicist Ame Van Iden confirmed the actor’s death. A statement on Walker’s Facebook page said he was a passenger in a friend’s car, and that the star was in the area to attend a charity event for his organization Reach Out Worldwide.The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said that speed was a factor in the crash.Deputies found a Porsche Carrera GT engulfed in flames when they responded to a report of a collision in the community of Valencia, north of Los Angeles. Two people who were found in the car were pronounced dead at the scene.The Santa Clarita Valley Signal reported that the Porsche crashed into a light pole and tree and burst into flames. The fundraiser, to benefit victims of Typhoon Haiyan, took place at a nearby racecar shop. Attendees rushed to put out the flames with fire extinguishers to no avail.MoviesWalker was best known for his role as undercover agent Brian O’Connor in the “Fast and Furious” movies. He appeared in all but one of the six movies in the series, and was one of the leading protagonists along with Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez.“All of us at Universal are heartbroken,” Universal Pictures, which released the franchise, said in a statement. “Paul was truly one of the most beloved and respected members of our studio family for 14 years, and this loss is devastating to us, to everyone involved with the ‘Fast and Furious’ films, and to countless fans.”Diesel posted this photograph on Instagram:[Vin Diesel via Instagram]The son of a fashion model and a sewer contractor, Walker grew up in a working class, Mormon household in Glendale, California. The oldest of five siblings, his mother began taking him to auditions as a toddler. He was a child model beginning at the age of 2.Walker has said the early induction to show business wasn’t to start him on a career path, but as a way to help provide for the family.After a string of TV roles as a child in the ’80s, including small roles on “Who’s the Boss” and “Charles in Charge,” Walker made his feature film debut in the 1998 comedy “Meet the Deedles.” Supporting roles in the films “Pleasantville,” ”Varsity Blues” and “Flags of Our Fathers” followed.His performance in the 2000 thriller “The Skulls” caught the eye of producer Neal H. Moritz, who cast him in “The Fast and the Furious” as undercover police officer Brian O’Conner. Adapted from a Vibe magazine article about underground street races, the film became an unexpected hit.(Youtube: Empire Magazine)In the sequel, “2 Fast 2 Furious,” Walker moved to center stage with Diesel temporarily dropping out. Walker, a self-described “gearhead,” kept his character’s sports car from the film.He starred in other films, including the crime thriller “Running Scared,” the Antarctic adventure “Eight Below” and the heist film “Takers.” Though his stardom didn’t make as much of an impact outside the “Fast & Furious” series, Walker continually drew praise from his co-stars and directors as a kind-hearted and eager collaborator.“Your humble spirit was felt from the start,” Ludacris, Walker’s “Fast & Furious” co-star, said on Twitter. “Wherever you blessed your presence you always left a mark, we were like brothers.”This article includes reporting from AP and AFPlast_img read more

Man hacked 3200 Gmail accounts stole naked pictures posted them on Facebook

first_imgSometimes you read about a criminal who is so much of a small-minded pervert and borderline mutant you almost can’t help but admire him. George Bronk is just such a criminal: the 23-year old has just pleased guilty to hacking into the email accounts of 3,200 girls, looking for nude photographs, then posting the pictures to their public Facebook profiles. That’s some single-minded skeeviness.Bronk was arrested in late October after he used the same technique that was popularized by hacker David Kernell to break into Sarah Palin‘s email. Namely, Bronk scoured his victims’ Facebook accounts looking for the answers to security questions used for password recovery by services like Gmail and Yahoo Mail.AdChoices广告Once he had access to an email account, it was go time: he’d do an extensive search for nude photographs sent by the account holder, then trigger a Facebook password recovery to get into their account and post the pictures live to their profiles.Gronk did this to over 172 women: he even convinced one woman to send him even more explicit photos of herself by threatening to post the ones he’d already stolen if she didn’t.Gronk now faces six years in prison for felony hacking, child pornography (it seems several of the girls were minors) and identity theft charges.Wow. Most pervs would stop at just getting the naked photos, but the added step of posting them to the girls’ own Facebook profile? That’s just the creep-de-la-creep.Read more at IT Worldlast_img read more

Kavvalos up for Miss International Australia

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Full-time mother, actress and social media expert, Katrina Kavvalos will use the opportunity to be crowned Miss International Australia to raise awareness for disadvantaged children. Kingsgrove resident and National Finalist for Mrs International Australia, Katrina Kavvalos will represent NSW to become Mrs International Australia in April 2013. Katrina, mother of three took up this opportunity to share on a national level the need for ‘Goodness Lunch Packs’. “We aim to raise funds to provide nutritious lunch packs to disadvantaged school children and reduce their embarrassment of not having anything to eat. Research has shown proper nutrition can improve children’s ability to concentrate and improve behaviour in class,” Kavvalos says. The national titleholder will then compete in the Mrs International pageant in Chicago, USA in July 2013. With the support of the Touch of Goodness Foundation, she will use the competition to raise funds to provide nutritious lunch packs to disadvantaged school children, as well as promoting the achievements of today’s married women who show compassion, intellect and beauty. For more information visit www.touchofgoodness.corg.aulast_img read more

Report Jan Vertonghen a longterm injury concern for Spurs

first_imgTottenham are reportedly worried that they will have to make do without Jan Vertonghen for the next two monthsThe 31-year-old defender’s hamstring problem ruled him out of Spurs’ last two matches against Cardiff City and Barcelona.Vertonghen sustained the injury in a Premier League game at Huddersfield Town on September 29, where he limped off at half-time, and had been expected to be on the sidelines for the next six weeks.Roberto Firmino, LiverpoolVirgil van Dijk praises Roberto Firmino after Liverpool’s win Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Virgil van Dijk hailed team-mate Roberto Firmino after coming off the bench to inspire Liverpool to a 3-1 comeback win against Newcastle United.But the Daily Mirror reports that Spurs have suffered a big blow after learning that Vertonghen will be out for at least eight weeks and is now a doubt for the remainder of their Champions League group-stage campaign.Spurs will also likely have to make do without Vertonghen for their key Premier League clashes against Manchester City, Chelsea and Arsenal.Vertonghen will be unavailable for Belgium in their upcoming games against Switzerland and the Netherlands.last_img read more