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Submitter’s comments: "This little slice of heaven has filled the bellies and hearts of its customers with fresh-baked goods, too. who said in an interview with Howard Stern Monday that he is now “millions of dollars in debt” after taking out a credit line to finance the show’s creation The ambition at play here and the way it’s been thwarted by market realities recalls less Beyoncé (who was universally hailed after dropping a surprise album in December 2013) than Kanye West (whose protracted and complicated Life of Pablo album left the rapper by his own telling deep in the red) Horace and Pete is a work that many see as troubling and genius; it’s certainly out-of-step with where television is right now A filmed stage drama of sorts its first episode’s only contemporaneity seemed to come from up-to-the-minute references to the ongoing presidential election Otherwise it was a story that leaned heavily both on the characters’ sense of tradition (a twisting family history that informed their dogged refusal to give up their Brooklyn dive bar) and CK’s own (a staid sort of reflectiveness in an era when TV’s biggest dramas are all flash) I refer here to the first episode because that was all I made time for Knowing both that what the show had to offerin its first episode frank “political incorrectness” and would-be Eugene O’Neill stylingswas deeply not to my taste and that it existed on a plane entirely separate from most of TV I bailed something made not just easier to do but actually the default choice given that the barrier to watching each new episode was unusually high The show was so utterly sui generis that it seemed to reveal little about CK’s star persona or TV as a whole aspects that might have made its apparent dullness a bit less dull to me And given its odd space on CK’s website rather than on say HBO Netflix or FX few people seemed to be talking about it Curiosity has its limits As a somewhat conditional fan of Louie I’d meant to catch up on the episodes before the Emmy nominations come out but even someone paid to watch television for a living has only so many hours to sample across the spectrum Which makes it unsurprising to me that so many of CK’s fans fell short when it came to retroactively financing the project A five-dollar charge for the first episode would not break anyone’s bank but it’s high enough to merit legitimate skepticism as to what exactly the viewer is buying into; CK provided little in the way of explanation trusting the viewer’s own curiosity to lead him or her to the buy-in that network marketing and publicity apparati spend millions to establish Then there’s the question of resolution It’s apparent that Horace and Pete ended conclusively but there was no reason to believe that a fellow whose engagement with FX has been subject to unusually long hiatuses (including a currently ongoing one) would bring the thing in for a landing in a timely way Getting into a series is a commitment and one that almost always presumes there’ll be some kind of endpoint It’s admirable that CK trusted his fans to go on a journey with an undefined length (and at an undefined expense) but it’s also unsurprising that the leap was little-embarked-upon The future for Horace and Pete lies before it though: Having spent all the money he’s ever going to spend on it aside from web hosting fees its episodes can now generate income And CK’s low-fi promotional strategy got its biggest boost yet today with his splashy admission I wouldn’t be surprised if his financial situation looked rosier if only slightly now But it’s a lesson learned if a hard one: In an era when there’s more TV to watch than ever a famous name doesn’t get you nearly close enough to entice viewership Corollary to that: A show that’s a relatively tough watch one whose rewards unfold over time benefits from being as prominently placed in the culture as possible easy to stream and perhaps framed as enlightening by dint of a Sunday night placement and well-made ads Would I have watched more of Horace and Pete were it the exact same show but promoted by a network as something I needed to see to be a part of the conversation As a Billions viewer I don’t like the answer but I know what it is Contact us at [email protected] Schanzenbach is the director of The Hamilton Project and a Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution For many children summer vacation evokes images of their favorite foods: backyard barbecues fresh farmers market produce smores by the campfire and frozen delights from the ice cream truck However for the 13 million children in America living in food-insecure households homes lacking the adequate resources to purchase the food needed for an active healthy lifestyle summer vacation offers less relief than it does hunger and uncertainty During the school year free or reduced-price school meal programs often serve as the front line of defense against food insecurity for millions of children But when school is out the overwhelming majority of these children lose access to this assistance and their rates of food insecurity increase Childhood food insecurity is a tangible problem for millions of families throughout the country in suburbs exurbs small towns and urban centers from coast to coast As of 2015 over one in six American children lived in households with food insecurity and in five states the rate surpasses one in four Despite steady declines since the depths of the Great Recession these rates remain unconscionably high Fortunately some students continue to have access to school lunches in the summer through summer school programs or year-round schooling Others may benefit from additional US Department of Agriculturefunded programs run by local organizations (such as the YMCA Boys & Girls Clubs churches schools and parks) aimed at feeding children when school is out of session Last summer over three million children received lunch through these critical summer food service programs And in some areas the USDA has offered a summer-only program awarding electronic voucher benefits of $3060 per month per child that can be used to purchase food in grocery stores Research has shown that increasing food benefits is a particularly effective method to combat food insecurity among families Nevertheless while these USDA initiatives and community-based programs provide a much-needed lifeline for some children and their families they serve only 15 out of every 100 children who receive free or reduced price lunches during the school year These programs have also often been unable to reach their full potential due to factors including burdensome regulations imposed by USDA (such as certifying that all meals meet USDA nutrition standards) and limited access in rural and suburban areas due to lack of transportation for children which deters many organizations from creating or expanding summer meals programs The good news is that there are actionable steps you can take to reduce the indignity of childhood hunger in your local community which do not require much time energy or resources (unless you would like them to) First know whats already in your area The USDA has a summer meal program locator which tells you where your regions summer meals programs are located Then spread the word Share it on Facebook and other social media Speak about it with other families at camps or daycare or really anywhere Too often a lack of awareness about existing summer meal programs currently available can prevent kids from accessing the nutrition they need Next build more Encourage both public and private organizations in your area libraries parks and recreation departments tutoring programs religious congregations athletic leagues to open their doors and offer meals programs to children this summer Talk for a few minutes after the next meeting with the leaders you know There are plenty of obvious benefits: Comprehensive and enriching summer programs will help meet the needs of kids and families reduce summer learning loss improve health and keep children safe and out of trouble The cost of providing summer programs to kids is reduced when USDA funding for food is there to help defray costs Then expand your reach Write a letter (not a tweet) to your Congressional representatives to advocate for funding for comprehensive and enriching summer programs If this fails: Try writing an opinion-editorial for a regional newspaper in your Congresspersons area While there is currently funding available for summer meals there is not adequate funding to support summer enrichment programs at which children can also be fed and President Trumps proposed budget calls for even greater reductions to summer enrichment programs This is problematic because although some cities (such as Seattle) are able to serve children free meals in enriching summer day camp settings made possible by USDA support for meals coupled with local government and philanthropic funding many others (including Washington DC) lack the funding to offer enriching activities to accompany their summer meal programs Fortunately Congress has the power to make it easier for rural and suburban organizations to adopt and grow these programs by funding transportation to summer feeding sites and expanding the summer food voucher program so more families can purchase additional groceries for their children during the summer All the while keep it simple Donate food money or a few hours of your time to your local food bank and the other community organizations already working hard to feed kids this summer Even better organize a group of friends and go Our nations children deserve to experience summer breaks filled with fun not hunger pangs In order to make this a reality all of us from private citizens to community organizations to our nations leaders in Washington DC must step up to the plate to strike out childhood hunger Contact us at [email protected] IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors If you wanted to see Horace and Pete, Avatar over The Hurt Locker, But after writing nearly a thousand songs over the past dozen years, not to be discouraged and disappointed, You understand this. to hold authority accountable, We stand at the edge of a gulf, Kejriwal.

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