Watch Fidget Spinners Make Sweet Sweet Music

first_img Design a Fidget Spinner in Just 5 Minutes Using Fusion 360FidgetlyCTRL is a Smart Fidget Spinner For Your Dumb Hands Stay on target Fidget spinners aren’t just for relieving stress (or whatever odd sex acts people have imagined).Music producer Andrew Huang used four of the popular toys to create a minimal techno track. And it’s super cool.“I only bought these for this video and I thought it was kind of a weird trend,” he said, holding one black-and-white spinner and one blue-and-white cube. “I didn’t really get it. But, they arrived yesterday, and now I’m already addicted.“Everything I do from now on, I’ll have to only use one hand,” he joked.By flicking, tapping, shaking, clicking, and, of course, spinning, Huang turns a few plastic trinkets into a super catchy tune. He even develops a steady bassline by simply holding the whirling gyroscope near the microphone.Fidget spinners recently saw a strange surge in popularity among children and adults, who casually rotate the device to release nervous energy. Often marketed for health benefits, the toy typically consists of two or three prongs and a bearing in the middle: Hold the center pad and give the spurs a spin.The low-tech, low-cost gadget may keep folks with ADHD, autism, or anxiety busy and focused, but some schools are banning the toy—many of which make noise or light up—claiming the spinners distract students.Brothers Matthew and Mark McLachlan, a.k.a. Antsy Labs, last year crowdfunded their own version of the phenomenon, with their Fidget Cube becoming the 10th highest-funded Kickstarter project.Anyone with the $2 toy and music sequencing software can try to spin their own tunes (pun very much intended) at home. Or you can snag Huang’s fidgety sounds, part of a new download pack—available exclusively to supporters of his Patreon page.The experimental producer is known for creating something out of nothing: Watch him play Nena’s “99 Red Balloons” with actual red balloons, make lo-fi hip-hop with water bottles, and generate sounds using car tires.last_img