AHSs Bloody Disgusting Episode Means Halloween Isnt Over Yet

first_img Even if last night’s American Horror Story wasn’t the scariest this season, it was definitely the most disturbing. It doubled down on everything we saw last week and gave us some unsettling imagery that will definitely stick with you. As we begin, Dominic is not handling real life horror well. Even though he just saw Agnes get hacked to death by the real butcher, he still wants to believe this is all part of the show, calling for Sydney to stop it. Shelby leads him to the basement and into the tunnel to escape. Their path is blocked by a ghostly figure. Dominic freaks, but Shelby says if it’s Mott, he could actually help. Well, it’s not Mott. It’s the Chen family, who after their murder, look and act a lot like Sadako from Ring.They run back out of the tunnel with the Chens close behind. They run upstairs and slam the basement door… just a hair too early. Dominic’s hand gets slammed in the door. They run to the kitchen to get some ice and are met by the pig-headed killer himself. Shelby stabs him in the head, but that only slows him down. They run to the foyer and are met by all the monsters the house has to offer. The nurses, the pig-man and one of the Chens descending from the ceiling. They wind up back in the bathroom where they started. Shelby, realizing their situation is hopeless, cuts her own throat.We check back in with Audrey, Lee, and Monet still held captive by the Polks. Mama demands her son cut a filet off of Lee and the son isn’t quite sure where the filet comes from. When Lee screams that people don’t eat people, Mama tells the story of how their family started down the road of cannibalism. Some full-bellied thieves were caught on their land, and the Polk ancestors decided that the family would never go hungry again. After some implications of incest, the son cuts another piece out of Lee’s leg.Just when you thought the Polks couldn’t get any creepier. (Photo: Screenshot via FX)Later, Lee offers to get the son on TV if he lets her go. He tells the story of Kinkade Polk, who used to butcher pigs in Chicago. He started putting a pig’s head over his own and killing people. So that’s where the pig-headed killer comes from! Lee asks to look at the photo of Flora she keeps in her wallet. The Polk son obliges. When Lee asks to talk to her, the son hides her leg wound under a sweater and records a message. Lee admits to killing her husband.The son reveals that he will be the one to kill her, but he doesn’t want to. He likes Lee. Lee offers to make him feel good. He unties her, and she chokes him out. Once out of the chair, she grabs the knife, stabs him in the head and stumbles away.Meanwhile, Monet has also escaped, and Mama Polk sends the rest of the family after her and stays behind with Audrey. Mama tells Audrey to open her mouth and brandishes a pair of pliers. Audrey implies that the Polks have sex with their pigs, which Mama does not appreciate. She begins to attack Audrey, but Lee runs in and knocks her out. Lee unties Audrey, who takes the opportunity to bash Mama’s head in before they escape.They run back to the house and see that things aren’t all that safer there. They find Matt’s body, with his head an unrecognizable mush on the floor. They run upstairs and find Shelby’s dead body in the bathroom. Dominic tells them what happened and Lee doesn’t believe him. She pushes him out of the bathroom and locks the door, allowing him to be hacked to death by the pig-man.Guess Who. (Photo: Screenshot via FX)The night is finally over, and there are now three left alive. Lee convinces Audrey that they have to go back to the Polk farm. She says there are tapes there of them both killing people, and they have to recover them before the rest of the world sees. Of course, we all know she’s really concerned about the tape of her admitting to the murder of her ex-husband. As they head out the door, they’re greeted by a man wearing a pig’s head. Audrey hits him with a crowbar, but a familiar voice yells for her to stop. Underneath the head, we find Gillian, who played The Butcher’s son in “My Roanoke Nightmare.”So now there’s a fourth person who might survive but probably won’t. What was he doing all the way out here? Did Sidney hire him to play the pig-man for “Return to Roanoke?” Has he seen anything that’s been going on? Either way, it’s probably good that they introduced another character. With everyone dying in the last couple episodes, the last two would be oddly light on kills. This episode had a few good scares, even if they weren’t as frequent as the last couple weeks. The Chens might be the creepiest monsters of this season and they make me want a purely J-horror-themed season. While the actual scares were less, this episode left me truly disturbed. Extended scenes of torture and cannibalism will do that to a person. And now they’re going back to the Polk’s house. Great.I suppose now’s the time to start taking bets on who survives the next two episodes. My money’s on Monet. Lee admitted to killing her ex, so she’s going to die and she’s taking Audrey and Gillian down with her. Monet will escape, return to L.A. to tell everyone what happened and no one will believe her because she’s an alcoholic. That’s usually how these things go. Top Movie and TV Trailers You Might Have Missed This WeekAmerican Horror Story Takes Us Back to the Days of Witches and Warlocks Stay on targetlast_img