Samsung fit 1TB on a single hard drive platter

first_imgSamsung has used CeBIT to announce it has managed to push the storage capacity of hard drives up once again by squuezing more data into the same physical space.The biggest hard drives you can buy today are 3TB drives based on four platters each carrying 750MB of data. But Samsung has managed to push the per platter density up to a point where 1TB is possible. In so doing we could soon see 4TB 3.5″ drives and 2TB two platter 2.5″ drives for laptops.The first hard drive sporting the new platters will be the HN-D201RAE shipping as part of the Spinpoint EcoGreen F6 series. It will be coupled with 32MB of cache, a 6GBps SATA connection and will spin at 5,400rpm. It is thought this first drive will be a 2TB model where as 3TB and 4TB models are planned in the future. What we don’t know is when Samsung intends to ship the first drive.The first laptop 2.5″ drive will be called the SpinPoint M8 and features 1TB of storage. As with the 3.5″ drive it will spin at 5,400rpm, but will have the slower 3GBps SATA connection. The important thing with this smaller drive is the height. 1TB can now be delivered in a 9.5mm casing making it compatible with a lot more laptops. That’s compared to the 12.5mm alternatives used until now for that storage capacity in a mobile format.Read more at Heise Online (translated), via Maximum PCMatthew’s OpinionThe sooner 4TB drives arrive on the market, the sooner prices of 2 and 3TB drives will fall making them the obvious choice for most people and the storage capacities most PCs will start shipping with. 4TB will remain at a premium price until someone figures out how to do 5TB.The increase in platter density by Samsung will be a wake-up call for competitors. Western Digital is actually celebrating the acquisition of Hitachi’s hard drive business this week, but its focus now needs to turn to figuring out how to do a 4TB drive, and how to go beyond that storage limit. The same is true of Seagate.last_img