21 unmistakeable signs youre a Northside Dubliner at heart

first_img1. Your house contains at least one object bought in Guiney’s Source: Sam Boal2. You know this fair lady well Source: YouTubeIf you don’t have one in your window, you definitely know someone who does.3. You’d swear by the Guinness in The Gravediggers Source: Stéphane Moussie4. You can name at least three shops in the Northside Shopping Centre Source: Google Maps5. You went to the Silver Skate in Phibsboro as a kid The refreshment kiosk at the Silver Skate, Halloween night 1986 Source: Cliff Saunders/NiteStar626. JC’s supermarket in Swords has a special place in your heart Source: Twitter/JCSavages7. Henry Street > Grafton Street Source: infomatique8. You know the hidden beauty of the Blessington Basin Source: infomatique(And how to find it.)9. You feel obliged to roll your eyes when Southsiders say things like Source: ShutterstockAlternatively “You’re very well-spoken for a northsider!” or “I was in Clontarf once, it’s actually, loike, nice!”10. Although to be honest, it was ages before you figured out the difference between Rathmines, Rathgar and Ranelagh Source: infomatique/sjeacle11. And the first time you were ever in Dundrum was to see the new shopping centreYou immediately thought: Source: infomatique12. You know where the gang goes Source: papabergindy13. There’s no place quite like Dollymount Strand Source: lennox_mcdoughBonus points if you’ve surfed the ferry waves there.14. You may not like U2, but you’re still a tiny bit glad they’re from the Northside Source: Photocall Ireland15. You can recite The Snapper pretty much by heart Source: gordondowling16. You drank cans (or naggins) before heading to The LawnOr the Cricket Club in Clontarf: Source: playthatbeat17. You have an undying loyalty to one of the multiplex cinemasAnd know which bus to get there. Source: D464-Darren Hall18. You’re not happy that the Phoenix Park doesn’t have an odd postcode number19. A childhood trip to town rarely involved crossing the Liffey Source: infomatiqueBoyers, Clerys, Arnotts, Roches Stores, home.20. It’s important to you that you were born in the Rotunda Source: Mark Stedman/Photocall IrelandBonus points if your dad wet the baby’s head in Conway’s across the road. (RIP Conway’s.)21. And finally, having the most Christmas lights around your house is a sign of affluence. Source: Sasko LazarovNORTHSIDE FOR LIFE.(Don’t worry Southsiders! We’ll be looking at you, our ancient foes across the river, tomorrow.)18 things every Dubliner knows for sure>11 reasons why Cork might actually be better than Dublin>13 things you know for sure if you’re from Galway>last_img