Volvo CEs top loaders

first_imgSpecications L60FL70FL90F at full turn 7,380 kg*8,420 kg** 9,568 kg*** Static tipping load Max power at 1,700 rpm Breakout force:82.9 kN* 95.4 Kn**118.5 kN*** Engine Volvo D6E LCE3 Volvo D6E LBE3 Volvo D6E LAE3 Completing the range, the launch of the L60F, L70F and L90F models gives Volvo Construction Equipment what it claims is the most modern fleet (11 models) of general purpose wheel loaders on the market.New engines, transmissions and cabs are just three of the highlights of the latest L60F, L70F and L90F medium duty general purpose Volvo CE wheel loaders. With more maneuverability, power, productivity, flexibility and reliability, the F Series is also a more comfortable and safer place to be. Volvo CE pioneered the ‘all-rounder’ approach to wheel loaders and these new models continue to evolve the concept. These units are easy to operate in tight spaces and can quickly swap tools to suit fast changing application demands on site. All models have increased power over the E variant they replace, giving more strength to move or load material. In what is a fundamentally upgraded generation of machines, the F Series improves on the market leading E Series it replaces in many ways. First among these is the installation of a 5.7 liter six cylinder D6E engine featuring Volvo Advanced Combustion Technology (V-ACT). The Tier III/Stage 3 low emission engine delivers high torque at just above tickover, giving the new loaders excellent rimpull and low fuel consumption. The low speed of the engine plays a significant part in reducing noise levels; both inside (2dBA less) and outside of the cab (meets EU2006 regulations). Across the three new machines, the new engine provides between 6%-13% more power, and up to 15% more torque than the units it replaces. Much effort has been expended to increase mid-range torque; giving better operability in the most economic engine speed range. One practical consequence of this increase in horsepower is better pile penetration and fuller buckets.Engine power is converted into work via a new smooth shifting electric-hydraulic HTE transmission. All the operator has to do is select Forward or Reverse. The Volvo Full Automatic Power Shift (FAPS) then takes over and selects which of the four forward and four reverse gears is required – and the perfect moment to change ratio. The system is independent of both machine and engine speed. New software in the ECU adapts to the operators’ style of driving, optimizing gear changing parameters and saving fuel by always selecting the right gear. For improved operator comfort, oil-filled clutches and a Pulse-Width Modulation Valve in the transmission allow smoother shifting and minimize jolting when changing between gears. The transmission is also significantly quieter than its predecessor, and maximum speed has been increased; by 25% on the L90F. The fact that all major components of the driveline (engine, transmission, axles) are designed and built by Volvo means that they work in harmony, in terms of performance, reliability and also fuel efficiency.Just as drive is now smoother, so is braking. The L60F, L70F and L90F retain the wet, circulation-cooled disc brakes that featured on the E Series generation of wheel loaders. An all-hydraulic dual circuit system, it offers longer operating life and a smoother, safer and more effective braking action. The onboard Contronics monitoring system automatically performs an electronic brake test and the condition of the brake can be easily assessed via wear indicators on all wheels. SAE J1995 gross:116 kW 126 kW 129 kW Volvo’s famous intelligent load sensing hydraulics provides exact distribution of power where and when it is needed, regardless of engine speed. This makes it easier to control the load and machine – and saves fuel (because it doesn’t pump hydraulic oil needlessly or require high engine speeds). The TP-linkage lift arm system provides the best of parallel and Z-bar linkages to provide high break-out torque and good parallel movement throughout the entire lifting range. The extra power of the new engine also allows larger buckets to be used, 10% larger in the L60F and 4% in the L70F. Tip loads are also increased for more stability when loading. An optional long boom is available for tipping into high-sided trucks and a Boom Suspension System (BSS) absorbs shocks and reduces bucket spillage caused by the loader bouncing over rough ground. The new Care Cab that is fitted to the L60F, L70F and L90F is the safest, most comfortable and cleanest operator environment ever made by Volvo CE. Quieter and with more useful internal room (50 mm longer and 100mm wider), the new cab has significantly improved visibility. A new laminated front windshield is almost a quarter larger than the E Series, and this extra glass and thinner pillars gives better visibility forwards, downwards, up and to the sides. An optional rear facing camera and remotely controlled door mirrors further improve visibility. Advanced climate controls feature highly, with all air passing through double filters and a range of standard and optional air conditioning, timer cab heating and automatic heat control systems on offer. Adjustable seat, steering wheel and lever carrier plus a flat floor offer good ergonomics to make life indoors more comfortable. Steering wheel alternative options include lever steering Comfort Drive Control and even a single pilot joystick option. Getting into the loaders is made safer and easier through a better shaped and wider opening door and new hand rails. Vibrations in the cab have also been significantly reduced through the use of viscous dampers. A new dashboard arrangement that groups all important information in front of the operator and larger, clearer Contronics readouts improve visibility – while convenient storage compartments reduce cab clutter. The Contronics system monitors functions in real time, sounding an alarm if a problem occurs, while at the same time storing performance data for downloading during maintenance inspections. It can also be used to upgrade or adapt the loader’s functions, when changing applications for instance.In addition to being flexible, productive, safe, comfortable and reliable, the all-new L60F, L70F and L90F are also environmentally minded, being up to 95% recyclable. Buckets:1.7-5.0 m3 2.0-6.4m32.3-7.0m3 *          Bucket: 2.1 m3 (pin-on) with bolt-on edges.  Tires 20.5 R25 L2, Std. boom**        Bucket: 2.3 m3 (pin-on) with bolt-on edges.  Tires 20.5 R25 L2, Std. boom***      Bucket: 2.5 m3 (pin-on) with bolt-on edges.  Tires 20.5 R25 L2, Std.