Brock gives thanks on National Philanthropy Day

Brock University is marking National Philanthropy Day with a great big ‘thank you.’As Canada comes together for the Nov. 15 celebration, the University will be reflecting on the alumni, faculty, staff and donors who provide the support necessary for the institution to thrive.Students are the main focus of charitable support at Brock, and the impact created by giving is not lost on them.This support has helped to make Brock the student-centred, community-minded University it is today, said Rushna Imran.The fourth-year business economics student hoped to express her gratitude to anyone who has contributed to the school in some form, whether providing generous donations to create additional academic and social spaces on campus, or offering volunteer opportunities to broaden student involvement.Imran is grateful for the chances she’s had to donate her time through Brock, including a cherished Brock Cares experience visiting with residents at Linhaven, a long-term care facility in St. Catharines.She’s proud to say her school encourages students to get involved outside the classroom and hopes her peers will embrace opportunities to give back to the Brock and Niagara communities, just as donors before them have done.“Both past and current students have benefitted from what you’ve given back to Brock,” Imran said in a message of thanks to the University’s supporters. “We appreciate all you do and hope future students will benefit too.”