Transport News Brief – Monday 5 May 2008

Maxon gets a good lift-off The Californian based Maxon Lift Corporation says it had a truly good time at the CV Show. “We saw many high caliber decision makers and we all have now a better feel about the feasibility of our project to re-launching elements of the Ray Smith Group,” said Anton Griessner, VP marketing and business development. “The press conference was in particular worthwhile and we will definitely be back next year.” More from Anton Griessner on +1 (0)5 62 464 4356 or [email protected] Low pressure tanks to change too The UN working party WP 15 also plans to mandate a new standard for low pressure tanks, EN13094:2008, in ADR 2009. That new standard has yet to be published and covers the construction of tanks subject to a maximum working pressure up to 0.5 bar. Typically these are used for petroleum products. The working party agreed to defer a decision about the start date for the new standard until it meets in October 2008. “In my opinion this is most likely to be from 1 January 2010, but could be as early as 1 July 2009, said Allan McKenzie, senior manager, vehicle legislation at the SMMT. “Once adopted it would prohibit the use of technical codes such as ASME VIII and BS5500 for tank construction.” More from Allan McKenzie on +44 (0)2 073 449 202 or [email protected] First carbon neutral bus network Stagecoach says it just launched Scotland’s first carbon neutral bus network. In partnership with Scottish charity Global Trees, it will plant 140,000 trees across 60 hectares in Scotland. The aim is to balance 21,500 tonnes of CO2 emissions on its Fife to Edinburgh network, which carries more than 2.4 million passengers a year. The move will make the network carbon-neutral in the next five years More from Steve Stewart on +44 (0)7 764 774 680 or [email protected] Bosch lifts safety award for third straight year For the third straight year Robert Bosch Limited has won the prestigious International Safety Award from the British Safety Council. The firm won against competition from among 10,000 contenders. More from Chris Wakley on +44 (0) 2 074 948 050 or [email protected] More chat for dealers says the CV Show launch of its new ‘Chat to Dealer’ messaging service went well. “The service is simple to set up and allows customers to send instant messages to dealers and get an immediate answer – it gets you chat access to van buyers enquiring about your vehicles through the Vansunited website,” said More from on 0845 265 5510 or [email protected] Success for ATP Advanced Technical Panels says it found the recent CV Show a great success. The firm claims to be the UK’s leading custom-built panel distributor, supplying a comprehensive range of pre-finished and overlaid panels to the commercial vehicle industry. ATP’s exhibition stand incorporated large samples of specialist technical, birch-based plywoods. “We had a great show and this year’s stand was our largest yet which created lots of new leads and potential customers,” said David Briggs, sales manager. “From a product point of view, the Multifloor, Buffalo 6K and Koski-Futura Blue spot on grey leather generated the most interest. We even won new orders at the show, which all in all, was a huge success for ATP.” More from David Briggs on +44 (0)1 924 263 655 or [email protected] Zeroed “delighted and astonished at CV Show response” Zeroed says it was overjoyed at its reception at the recent CV Show and overall response to its range of electric-powered Isuzu NPR Series Grafters with refrigerated bodies were a big success. The firm can offer Isuzu-based trucks from 3.5t up to 18t in a range including dropsides, tippers, Lutons and fridges. “We were delighted and astonished at the reception we received,” said Martin James, managing director of VMS (Fleet Management) Ltd, one of the three stakeholders in the firm. “We were inundated with enquiries from both fleets and local authorities. We’re progressing them and will respond to them all over the next few weeks.” City trials will start soon, the firm is taking orders, including several from supermarkets and production starts in September. More from Martin James on +44 (0)1 462 734 900 or [email protected] Kubota hits UK milestone Mini excavator maker Kubota says it just hit a major milestone with UK sales of its machines now topping 30,000. The firm says it is the first manufacturer to do so in the British market. It will celebrate its success by giving the 30,000 machine, worth some £20,000, as a prize in a draw, with proceeds going to the construction industry charity the Lighthouse Club Benevolent Fund. £5.00 draw tickets are on sale at Kubota dealers and stands around the UK this year. More from Richard Harrison on +44 (0)1 844 214 500 or [email protected] Demand for stop-start grows According to a recent survey, three out of four car drivers say they would buy a car that automatically cuts and restarts the engine in traffic to offer fuel savings of up to 8%. The technology is already in production not widely available. It also offers a parallel cut in CO2 emissions. The survey, by Motorpoint only covered car drivers but the reaction amongst van and light truck operators doing urban work would probably be similar. In practice, the technology – essentially a beefed up starter motor and enhanced engine electronics – stops the engine when the driver comes to a halt and takes the vehicle out of gear. Pressing the clutch automatically restarts the engine. More from Chris Wakley on +44 (0) 2 074 948 050 or [email protected] Changes soon for high pressure tank makers A UN working party, WP 15, that looks at vehicle legislation just agreed to mandate standard EN14025:2008 for the construction of tanks subject to a maximum working pressure exceeding 0.5 bar eg chemical tanks, vacuum waste tanks. “The adoption of the standard for ADR 2009 means that tank makers will be prohibited from using technical codes as an alternative to CEN standards, said Allan McKenzie, senior manager, vehicle legislation at the SMMT. “The new standard will be mandatory for all tanks made from 1 July 2009. Given the present lead times in the truck and trailer business, this will start to bite very soon, so tank makers need to know the details. More from Allan McKenzie on +44 (0)2 073 449 202 or [email protected] New on-site service launched LSUK successfully launched its new ‘On-Site Services’ initiative at the recent CV Show. The service offers operators mobile auto electrical and diesel diagnostics, installation, repair and servicing. “It’s supported by a dedicated, 16-strong Toyota Hiace van fleet,” said Stephen Foy, sales and business development manager for On-Site Services. The vans will be equipped as mobile workshops and manned by fully-trained technicians, available to work on-site wherever customers need them, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. “We got a very good reaction, made a lot of useful contacts and gained some very valuable leads.” More from Stephen Foy on +44 (0)7 738 329 721 or [email protected] RHA welcomes UK block on foreign truckers The Road Haulage Association says it welcomes the news that the UK domestic haulage market will remain closed to trucks from most of Eastern Europe for another year. There were fears that trucks from five countries – Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Slovakia – would have access to the UK market from May 1. But the government has told the European Commission it is closing the door until May 1 2009, when EU law gives mandatory access to those countries, as well as to Poland and Hungary. Whilst pleased with the extended protection for its members, the RHA warns the UK market will be open Eastern European trucks from 1 May 1 next year and that their lower operating costs are a threat to UK truckers. More from Kate Gibbs on +44 (0)1 932 838 917 or [email protected] Heil celebrates success Leading UK dustcart maker, Heil Europe says it is celebrating ‘unrivalled success’ at this year’s CV Show. The firm showed four vehicles, including one with its new recycling pod and say its team were kept very busy over the three days with enquiries. Importantly it took orders from several councils and contractors for vehicles from across its range. “We had a tremendously successful show this year with a number of firm orders taken and a large quantity of quality leads that we fully expect to become firm orders within the next few weeks,” said Tommy Smith, UK sales manager. More from Jane Olliff on +44 (0)1 326 560 402 or [email protected] Irish GPS seminar GPS Ireland says it plans a one day seminar on GPS in transport and logistics on Thursday 5 June at the Marriott Johnstown House Hotel, Enfield, County Meath, Ireland. The cost is €100 a head. “With the advent of new detailed road mapping and post coded addresses for Ireland, the seminar will cover the capabilities and benefits of sat nav and tracking systems for organisations running multiple vehicles,” says Gary Delaney, managing director at the firm. More from Gary Delaney on + 353 (0)2 148 329 90 or [email protected] Scam warning The UK’s Commercial Trailer Association just got an order form from an outfit that calls itself European City Guide. It wanted the CTA to confirm some address details and return the document. “This is written in such a way that if one signs that confirmation, it will be taken as an order worth €987 for what I believe may prove a worthless guide,” said Robin Dickeson, secretary to the CTA. “And for the unwary there is worse to come, because if an organisation signs, that order seems to repeats each year, until actively stopped. Being suspicious I checked and sure enough, I think it’s another scam.” The following website shows that the outfit ‘has previous’: “Don’t get caught. And equally important, if you know people in other organisations that might be targeted, you may wish to pass on the warning.” More from Robin Dickeson on +44 (0)2 073 449 222 or [email protected] Transport News Brief Week 19, Monday 5 May 2008 They don’t make them like they used to. Daf Trucks says that in 1977, a typical maximum capacity truck, running at 32 tonnes gross, carrying a payload of 20.5 tonnes on a 320 km journey used 130 litres of diesel and put out 16.7 kg of CO2 per tonne of payload. Including a statutory 45-minute break, the journey took six hours and ten minutes. In 2007, a maximum capacity truck running at 44 tonnes gross, carrying a payload of 29.5 tonnes on the same journey used 103 litres of diesel and emitted 9.2 kg of CO2 per tonne of payload. Including the same statutory break, the journey took four hours and 15 minutes. In summary, the 2007 truck used 21% less diesel, carried 30% more payload, emitted 21% less CO2, meaning a CO2/t/km saving of 45% The truck emitted 96% less particulates and 87% less NOX. It was also 33% quicker although working within a lower maximum speed limit. The modern truck also produced one-twelfth of the noise of the older model. More from Martin Hayes on +44 (0) 2 074 948 050 or [email protected] Electric van cuts Post Office costs The Isle of Man Post Office put a Mega Multitruck ultra-light electric van to work in its 99 strong collection and delivery vehicle fleet last year and cut fuel costs from 17 to less than two pence a mile. The move is part of a pilot scheme to see how the organisation might best run electric as a way of cutting fuel costs and carbon emissions. Malcolm MacPherson, managing director said that new vehicle replaced a car-derived diesel van to give zero exhaust emissions and a 21% cut in fuel costs from 17 to 2 pence a mile. More from Christine Gormley on +44 (0)2 476 407 422 or [email protected] SMMT services in demand “We had a really good CV Show, with over 30 firms asking about SMMT membership and many more asking about our huge range of services,” said Alison Handley, membership manager for the Society. Whole vehicle type approval, data, legal services and vehicle registration data from the SMMT’s Automotive Data Services team were the main topics, alongside the demonstrations of the Society’s class-leading Automotive Supplier Finder service. “You can bet that we’ll be back at next year’s CV Show, though we’re planning a lot of seminars and other events for the industry between now and then.” More from Alison Handley on +44 (0)2 073 449 210 or [email protected] “Now you don’t have to run dustcarts illegally” So said Maple Fleet Services to UK councils and private waste collection firms when it successfully re-launched Drivelock at the recent CV Show. This hands-free vehicle immobiliser system allows a driver to leave a vehicle unattended with the engine running and the keys in the ignition. Any unauthorised attempt to move or start the vehicle, immediately locks the park brake, sounds an alarm and cuts the engine. “This means commercial waste collection firms can still be economically viable and run their fleets legally too,” said Jonathan Richards, group marketing manager. More from Jonathan Richards on +44 (0)8 706 062 753 or [email protected] Silent Approach wins for Gray & Adams At this year’s CV Show Gray & Adams exhibited trailers designed for quiet operation. One of Gray & Adams ‘quiet’ trailers won a prestigious ‘Quiet Delivery Certificate’ from the Noise Abatement Society and Piek. This is for the development of a quiet trailer that meets Piek Standards. Gray & Adams is the only trailer maker and bodybuilder in the UK to win the award. In association with Piek Standards, developed in the Netherlands, the UK’s Noise Abatement Society has introduced ‘Silent Approach’ to encourage the industry to produce and use low-noise vehicles and equipment that operate at under 60dB for night-time delivery. The 10.5 metre urban delivery trailer was purpose-built for Sainsburys and has a retractable Dhollandia ultra-quiet tail lift and a unique, Gray & Adams quiet floor to cut the noise from roll cages. There is a Carrier extra quiet fridge with an encapsulated engine underneath the trailer. More from Laura Dougan on +44 (0)2 890 342 160 or [email protected] Wireless trailer tracker takes off Asset tracking and key management specialists Keytracker Ltd says its new Wireless Trailer Tracker has attracted “amazing interest” since its launch at the recent CV Show. The battery-operated tracking unit has sparked huge interest from trailer rental companies and trailer users alike, thanks to its long-life battery; this lasts up to two years before being recharged. The unit ‘sleeps’ when not in use, transmitting only every eight hours until moved. It then tracks every minute, just like the standard Keytracker Vehicle Tracker Unit, making it ideal for trailers, plant, caravans and boats or anything that is used and then parked. More from Laura Anderson on +44 (0)1 214 284 200 or [email protected] Successful launch for Continental Continental says the CV Show proved the ideal platform for it to launch the new VDO Dayton Truck SatNav and the new VDO Mobile Digital Tachograph Download Solution. “The launches of two topical products; the Truck SatNav and the Mobile Digital Data Download Solution at this year’s CV Show were a particular highlight,” said Jackie Dougal, marketing manager. “The show offers which included a free trial of our TIS-Web on-line tachograph analysis service and a daily SatNav giveaway were well received too.” Dougal also said the firm took a lot of valuable leads and has seen more traffic on its website and more on-line sales. More from Lisa McCauleyon + 44 (0)1 213 261 162 or [email protected] North American hits the million The Stagecoach Group says its budget inter-city coach service has now carried one million passengers in North America. The growing low-cost coach network covers 32 key cities across 17 states since began offering fares for as little a $1 in the United States in April 2006. It successfully attracts commuters, students, business and leisure travellers. More from Steve Stewart on +44 (0)7 764 774 680 or [email protected] Irish Haulier of the Year Awards 2009 Fleet Transport says its Irish Haulier of the Year Awards 2009 event will be on Monday 6 October 2008 at the Marriott Johnstown House Hotel, Enfield, County Meath. The Awards celebrate excellence in the haulage and road transport industry and the deadline for entries, which are free, is 30 June 2008. “This year, for the first time the ‘Irish Truck of the Year’ and the ‘Irish Haulier of the Year’ awards will both be presented at this national event, bringing together manufacturers and transport operators working the width and breadth of Ireland,” says Jarlath Sweeney, the magazine’s editor. “In all there are 15 categories in the Haulier of the Year competition and 4 classes in the Truck of the Year Awards.” More from Orla Sweeney on +353 (94) 9 372 819 or [email protected] Record three months for Volvo Volvo Group says that in the three months to 31 March 2008 its growth and operating income set a record for a single quarter. Net sales were Skr 76.7bn (£6.5bn) and the underlying growth was 16% while operating income rose 22% to Skr 6,487m. European truck deliveries rose 22%, to hit 16,819 for the quarter and worldwide, deliveries were up 11% up over the same period. More from MÃ¥rten Wikforss on +46 31 661 127 or [email protected] Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)