Here’s your guide to buying the right kind of sports bra for all your fitness activities

first_imgIf your workout is the key to your happiness, here’s something that might double the emotion–a good sports bra–one that could be your best buddy when you’re nailing it at the gym or on the running track near you. Just like a friend–it would make you feel comfortable and give you unconditional support, throughout. So, choosing a sports bra should not be a random choice, because wearing a supportive sports bra is essential for every woman who is active and works out regularly.Also, working out in the wrong sports gear can cause discomfort & injuries. Thus, to get a clear picture, we got in touch with Shweta Mehta, Professional Fitness Trainer, Adidas, to understand the key details you must keep in mind while buying your sports bra. Here’s her take.Also read: Bra bulge: Easy exercise moves, so you can wear tank tops with confidence Fit matters: Make sure it is a snug fit, but not so snug that you cannot breathe!Cups: The cup’s fabric should be smooth. If you are spilling out of the top and from the sides of your bra, your cup size is too small. If the bra cup has wrinkling, your cup size is too large.Straps: It’s advisable to look for the right straps, you may need a sleek or thin strap if you are in to light activities like walking or yoga. You should look for medium size straps for more support which are good for activities like cycling, strength training and power yoga. If you are into running, Zumba, aerobics or mountain biking; wide straps are more appropriate for you in order to minimise the bounce.Racerback: It’s perfect for strength training–in this, the straps help the bra to stay closer and tight to the body. But if you are busty, you may not find yourself comfortable in racerbacks and therefore, you may opt for shoulder straps, which will be helpful in distributing the weight better than that in a racerback.Moisture control: A good sports bra can cut the movement in half and to keep the sweat away, one should look for sports bras that wick away sweat and help control moisture.Trial on ground: Test the bra’s support by jumping or running in place. You’ll be able to feel whether it’s sufficiently supportive or not. advertisementlast_img