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Fire Ants

first_imgFire ant populations are high in the fall and ants haven’t yet burrowed deep into the soil for winter. Among others, these are the reasons University of Georgia entomologists say that now is the perfect time to treat for them.“Since the ants aren’t too deep in the ground, they are easier to kill with a mound-drench, granular or dust,” said UGA Cooperative Extension Entomologist Dan Suiter, who’s based on the UGA Griffin campus. “When using these products, it’s critical to treat when the queen and brood are close to the surface.”Fire ants are usually most active in the spring and fall, when daytime temperatures are between 70 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. They also spend a lot of time foraging for food in the fall. Actively foraging ants will pick up bait and carry it into the nest within the first hour or two.Suiter recommends treating fire ants by first broadcasting a fire ant bait. He said if the product label is followed carefully, about 90 percent of the ants will be suppressed.Apply the bait either across the home lawn or in a 4-foot circle around each fire ant mound. Use care not to disturb the mounds. Wear gloves and use only a new spreader dedicated to treating fire ants.Never apply bait using a spreader that’s been used to spread fertilizer. Suiter warns that the fertilizer residue can alter the scent of the bait.“And, if you are a smoker and the smoke smell gets on the bait, the ants won’t touch it. If you have gasoline on your hands, the ants won’t touch it either,” he said.A week to 10 days after applying bait, kick or poke the fire ant mounds with a stick. Don’t forget to step away quickly. If there is any ant activity, apply a contact insecticide to the mounds.“Get a long stick and run it down through the center of the mound,” he said. “It should push like a hot knife through butter. Pull the stick out quickly and pour in the premixed insecticide.”Suiter says to be prepared to move away right after pouring the insecticide on the mound as the ants will scatter once the mound is disturbed. A premixed gallon or two of insecticide should fill the mound from the bottom up.Baits do not stop new fire ant colonies from moving in from surrounding land or keep newly mated queens from becoming established. And, unfortunately, fire ant populations can fully recover within 12 to 18 months of the last bait treatment, Suiter said. Low-lying, moist and flood-prone areas are more susceptible to reinfestation.If you prefer to use dry treatments, UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences entomologist Wayne Gardner says that dusts or powders can also be sprinkled on the surface of fire ant mounds.“One really excellent one is Orthene (acephate) which is actually packaged and sold for fire ant control,” said Gardner who has studied how to control urban insect pests for more than 30 years at UGA-Griffin. “For those colonies that might survive the bait treatment, a second treatment of the mound with this material is an excellent idea.”Dry treatments work like this. The worker ants find the powder, carry it into the mound and expose their nest mates and food supply, Gardner said. This method is called the “Texas Two-Step Method,” as it was developed at Texas A&M University.“It’s basically Amdro followed by Orthene,” Gardner said.Both Suiter and Gardner ask homeowners to be especially careful and never apply a pesticide near any body of water — streams, rivers, ponds, or lakes — as over-the-counter insecticides are deadly to fish and other aquatic life.Fire ants were first reported in Georgia in the 1950s. Their mating flights have taken them as far east as North Carolina and as far west as Texas. The ants have also spread through nursery plant material to states like Arizona and California.For more advice on controlling household pests, contact your local UGA Extension agent at 1-800-ASK-UGA1 or search “fire ants” at extension.uga.edu/publications.last_img read more

The power of referral marketing

first_imgReferral Marketing can be thought of as digital marketing’s dark horse. According to a recent study, only 39 per cent of marketers use referral marketing on a regular basis.Yet, 43 per cent of companies that use referral marketing consistently acquire upwards of 35 per cent of their new customers as a result. And marketers who have a consistent approach to referral marketing report acquiring twice as many customers when compared to email marketing.Every day in the United States, there are approximately 2.4 billion brand-related conversations. A referral marketing program can help you translate these conversations into a large network of satisfied customers, helping you build loyalty with existing customers and acquiring new ones.It makes sense: people trust recommendations from friends and family 7 times more than traditional advertising! In addition, a referred customer has a 16 per cent higher lifetime value that a non-referred customer. continue reading » ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

Caterer’s appeal: The season is bitter, we lack workers

first_imgHUT AND HUP APPEAL: URGENTLY MAKE A DECISION TO INCREASE QUOTAS BECAUSE THERE ARE NO WORKERS AND THE SEASON IS IN DANGER  At the end of the price list it says: “Croatia full of life. A small country with big taxes” In addition to 15.611 approved quotas for workers and 1.600 available domestic workers on the list of the Croatian Employment Service, Croatia currently lacks as many as 5.000 workers, he points out. Marin Medak, President of the Independent Association of Caterers and adds that the reason for this is the constant emigration of a capable workforce, for which various political options have failed to find an adequate solution. “It seems to us that due to preferential prices in the government restaurant, the Prime Minister lost his compass and forgot that 108 people employed in the hospitality and tourism sector, or 000% of the total number of people employed in Croatia, earn 8% of Croatia’s total GDP annually. Instead of the ruling party only talking about demographics, I suggest that returnee emigrants be provided with a tax relief of HRK 22 over the next ten years. Let the Government finally show that it is ready to withdraw some concrete measures. “, Medak emphasized. Source. Facebook Photo: Cover photo Pixabay.com / FB The price list of the restaurant says: Croatian caterers are facing a business collapse that will have far-reaching negative consequences for Croatian tourism, all due to the lack of support and understanding of the Government in finding the much-needed workforce, the Croatian Hospitality Coordination said in a statement. VAT and consumption tax are included in the price!  VAT 25%, Consumption tax 3%, Income tax 36%, Pension contribution 15%, Health contribution 16,5%, Regos contribution 5% ” At the end of October 2018, the coordination of Croatian caterers during the consultation on the needs of quotas for the import of foreign workers requested the required quota of 17.955 people. This figure was proposed on the basis of the then demographic situation of the Republic of Croatia, which is even more devastating today than a year ago.center_img Croatia full of life. A small country with big taxes Tourism is one of the most important components of the Croatian economy, generating over 20% of GDP. If the tourist season fails, the government will have to face the exodus of thousands of families who survive precisely thanks to catering and seasonal work, Medak points out. Such a negative trend continues, just before the tourist season. It also calls on the Government of the Republic of Croatia to address the seriousness of this situation and to urgently decide on an additional 5.000 quotas in the tourism and hospitality sector. If the competent institutions do not react promptly, the end of the potentially unsuccessful tourist season will bring incalculable damage to the Croatian economy, which will be almost impossible to mitigate. A photo of the price list of a Croatian restaurant is being shared on the Internet, which in an unusual way clearly shows guests how much the tax burden is in Croatia. I don’t know if this is an actual price list or just an illustration, but one thing is for sure – it’s just part of the tax burden, without the other levies and levies that every entrepreneur pays each month. The Coordination of Croatian Caterers appeals to the Ministry of Labor and Pension System and the Croatian Employment Service to send the 1600 available workers on the coast to work in tourism and catering to the nearest tourist and catering facilities in order to open a dialogue for employment. RESPONSE OF THE MINISTRY OF LABOR AND PENSION SYSTEM TO THE EMPLOYER’S APPEAL IN TOURISM: EMPLOYERS CONTACT CES RELATED NEWS: WILL WE FINALLY INTRODUCE THE SLOVENIAN MODEL FOR IMPORTING FOREIGN WORKERS FROM NEXT YEAR?last_img read more

Govt criticized for forming COVID-19 response team late in the game

first_imgThe government’s move to establish a new COVID-19 response team to handle the impact the pandemic has had on health and the economy has come too late, as the coronavirus has spread rapidly and paralyzed economic activity, experts have said.Airlangga University (Unair) public policy expert Agie Nugroho Soegiono said the government’s decision to only now establish an integrated team was a consequence of its previous lack of urgency in dealing with the virus when it first spread across the country earlier this year.“The government also lacked transparency and was indecisive in terms of health protocols,” he said on Tuesday. “With this integrated team, all the planning and execution of programs regarding the handling of COVID-19 and economic recovery could go hand in hand as both will be handled under the same institutions with good coordination,” Coordinating Economic Minister Airlangga Hartarto, who acts as the response team’s chairperson, said in a press briefing.Head of the economic recovery task force Budi Gunadi Sadikin and head of the COVID-19 response task force Doni Monardo joined the team to coordinate and integrate the country’s policies on handling the pandemic. They will report to State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) Minister Erick Thohir, the team’s executive chairperson.The response team comes as coronavirus infections continue to rise at a rapid rate nationwide. Indonesia recorded 1,906 new COVID-19 cases on Thursday, putting the total number of infections at over 93,600 from only two in early March, according to official data. The death toll jumped to 4,576 with 117 new fatalities on Thursday.The pandemic has battered economic activity as shops, offices and factories are forced to close or limit operations to contain the virus. The Indonesian economy grew 2.97 percent in the first quarter from 5.02 percent in 2019 and is expected to shrink by over 5 percent in the second quarter due to the pandemic.The government has allocated Rp 695.2 trillion (US$47.55 billion) in state budget funds to strengthen the healthcare system and boost economic recovery.Latif said he expected the government to have better coordination now that there was a clear order of command.When the virus began spreading in the country, government officials had shown a lack of coordination in handling the pandemic. When the Jakarta administration was planning to suspend intercity and interprovincial buses services in late March to curb contagion, for instance, then-acting transportation minister Luhut Pandjaitan blocked the plan.In another case, the Industry Ministry issued its own coronavirus guidelines that allowed factories to open even though the Quarantine Law stipulated a suspension of workplace activities.A member of the House of Representatives Commission IX overseeing health care and manpower, Netty Prasetiyani, asked the government to create more robust health policy on handling the virus.The government, she said, had been favoring the economy over public health.“It’s not surprising at all. The budget for the country’s COVID-19 response is being [allocated] half-heartedly. As a result, hospitals are overwhelmed and health workers are dying,” she said on Tuesday.Read also: Don’t ‘misinterpret new normal’: Govt expects new team to meet health, economic goalsInstitute for Development of Economics and Finance (Indef) economist Enny Sri Hartati said on Monday that Indonesia needed better leadership, not just a new government team, as the main problem hindering the country’s COVID-19 response was poor coordination between government ministries and regional administrations.University of Indonesia rector Ari Kuncoro, however, expressed optimism that the team would be effective in handling the outbreak and the economic recovery as it would have more power, a greater budget and better planning compared to the previous COVID-19 task force.“This team is putting both health and economy as the top priority, not one over the other, because if the economic wheels are not running, we can’t fund the health efforts to handle this pandemic,” he said.Topics : Although neighboring countries like Singapore and Thailand reported their first coronavirus cases in February, Indonesia denied suspicions that the virus had also spread into the country despite the millions of Chinese tourists who were coming in.Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) economist Latif Adam said on Tuesday that Indonesia was way behind other countries that had quickly reacted when the outbreak began.“Maybe the government is of the view that it is better late than never,” he told The Jakarta Post over the phone.The government launched on Monday a new team to tackle both the public health and economic aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic under the National Economic Recovery and COVID-19 Response Team.last_img read more

Selection of the Athletes of the Year in B&H Tonight

first_imgNezavisne Novine and RTV in B&H will organize tonight in Sarajevo the 13th event of “Selection of the athletes of the year in B&H 2013”.As in previous years, prizes will be awarded in 12 categories. The basketball player Mirza Teletović and the swimmer Ivana Ninković won last year’s awards.The first event was held in 2001, when Hasan Salihamidžić got the award for the best football player. So far, through this project more than 200 athletes, coaches, teams and sports employees have been awarded.Olympic Committee of B&H is the partner of this event, Ministry of Civil Affairs of B&H is the supporter, while the sponsor is the Presidency Member of B&H, Bakir Izetbegović.The selection of the athlete of the year in B&H will be held at the Hotel “Holiday” at 20:00, directly transmitted by BHT1.(Source: Fena)last_img read more